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Medical Packaging Star Material, Hypak™ Shines at Medtec China 2023

Medical packaging has particularly stringent requirements for materials, because it must maintain the integrity and sterility of medical devices throughout the entire production, transportation, and storage process.

Therefore, the most important differences between different medical packaging materials are the barrier properties, breathability, strength, safety, and whether it can be cleanly peeled, to ensure that the entire process meets sanitary conditions and can be easily used when opened.

A super material star shines at Medtec China 2023

In recent years, Kingwills™ Hypak™, a special fiber material with amazing texture and characteristics, has attracted the attention of various media such as CCTV and the global new materials industry.

It is an extraordinary achievement independently developed by Kingwills Advanced Materials. Co., Ltd. over the past ten years, and the company has just completed a B round of financing of over one billion yuan, indicating its broad prospects! It can be used in the medical sterilization packaging and is one of the few medical packaging materials that can simultaneously possess all of the above characteristics.


Kingwills™ Hypak™ and its various medical packaging products will debut at the 17th Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (Medtec China 2023). We welcome all industry VIPs to visit, learn and communicate with us.

Date: June 1-3, 2023

Location: Suzhou International Expo Center

Booth number: D1 P102

Go Live To Medtec China! Hypak Medical Packaging Solutions Amazes the Industry

Kingwills™ Hypak™ 

Establishing a reliable sterile barrier system

Kingwills™ Hypak™ medical sterilization packaging has a series of special material properties and has a wide range of applications. As a medical packaging material, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following characteristics:

  1. Bacteria and Water Resistance

    The dense structure and small pore size of Kingwills™ Hypak™effectively block liquid penetration and have excellent barrier properties, providing reliable bacteria and microorganisms barrier function.

  2. Breathability and Sterilization

    Good breathability allows various sterilization gases to efficiently penetrate, and Kingwills™ Hypak™ can be compatible with multiple sterilization methods.

  3. Strong and Durable

    Hypak™ is resistant to tears,punctures,temperatures,corrosion, and can withstand complex and extreme transportation and storage environments, and can also be used for packing sharp and irregular medical devices.

  4. Safe and Non-Toxic

    The composition of Hypak™ is simple,non-toxic,harmless,and without safety hazards.

  5. Clean Peeling

    When the package is opened, no dust or fiber shedding will occur.


Breakthrough metamaterials 

Opening up new horizons in multiple fields

Internationally, flash spinning technology was monopolized by a certain American company for decades. However, Kingwills Advanced Materials™ successfully broke through the technological barriers and created Kingwills™ Hypak™, which has been mass-produced since 2022.

Kingwills™ Hypak™ Flash Spun is like paper, fabric, and film all rolled into one, made by polyethylene melt spinning and hot pressing.Its weight is much lower than that of writing paper, yet it has extremely high strength, with waterproof, dustproof, bacteria-resistant, breathable, wind-resistant, aging-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties, and it is 100% recyclable. It can be used directly in high-demand scenes such as food and medical equipment, and has strong plasticity in printing and processing.

Therefore, in addition to medical packaging, Hypak™ environmentally friendly waterproof material can also be extensively used in building energy conservation, safety protection-PPE suit material, industrial innovation, and creative living, and is a new material that can break through the limitations of conventional materials and industry innovation.

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