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Kingwills Advanced Materials Debuts at Japan Tokyo International Building Materials Exhibition: Showcasing Building Energy Efficiency Solutions

On March 12, Kingwills Advanced Materials officially debuted at the Tokyo International Building Materials Exhibition held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. As one of the most influential building materials events in Asia, the Tokyo International Building Materials Exhibition in Japan brought together well-known companies, industry leaders, and professional audiences from around the world. With a large scale, the exhibition covers various aspects such as building materials, decorative materials, construction technology, and construction equipment, providing a wide platform for exhibitors and visitors to exchange and cooperate.


Kingwills Advanced Materials showcased the extensive application and excellent performance of the Hypak™ waterproof and breathable film in the field of building energy conservation at this exhibition.

The Hypak™ waterproof and breathable film has outstanding waterproof, breathable, moisture-permeable, windproof, and durable properties. As an important waterproofing layer covering the outer layer of the insulation layer, it can effectively prevent rainwater from entering the insulation layer and help water entering the insulation layer to evaporate into the environment in the form of water vapor, keeping the insulation layer dry. It effectively solves waterproof and moisture prevention problems, enhances the building's insulation capabilities, and is widely used in architectural applications such as curtain walls, metal roofs, and nearly zero-energy buildings.


In addition, Kingwills Advanced Materials also presented the application cases of Hypak™ in home decoration. The unique fiber structure and mechanical properties make Hypak™ not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical as a lamp box and screen in home decoration. Shielding wind and rain outside the door, illuminating life indoors, Hypak™ guards every square meter of your warm life.


Kingwills Advanced Materials hopes to make full use of the platform of this exhibition to exchange and cooperate with peers from around the world, share industry experiences and technological achievements, and provide customers with more diversified and professional services.

During the exhibition, Kingwills Advanced Materials booth number is AC6634, sincerely inviting people from all walks of life to visit and exchange, cooperate, and create a better future for construction together!

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