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Hypak™ Invites You to CINTE, the World's Leading Textile Exhibition!


CINTE// 2023

Exhibition Invitation

Since its establishment in 1994, China International Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE) has developed into the world's second-largest and Asia's leading exhibition for industrial textiles and nonwovens. On the platform of CINTE, industry colleagues share high-quality resources of the industrial chain, work together for industry innovation and development, and share the responsibility of industry development, jointly interpreting the booming development trend of industrial textiles and nonwoven industries.

The 16th CINTE will be held in Shanghai in September!  Hypak™ will present the application of innovative material Hypak™ flash spun in various fields, and sincerely invite you to this grand event to "enjoy the future" together!

Hypak™ Exhibition Booth

Booth: E1 A36

Dates: September 19th to 21st

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

kingwills-45870543-2.jpgOur Booth

Get a Sneak Peek of Our Booth

For this exhibition, Hypak™ has designed an expansive modular booth with distinct sections, each dedicated to product showcases, introductions to application areas, retail, reception, and negotiations. Its multifunctional layout provides clear and easily accessible services.


At that time, visitors will not only have the opportunity to get up close to see the raw materials of Hypak™, experiencing its unique appearance and texture, but they will also have the chance to explore its application advantages in five major areas: medical packaging, building energy efficiency-breathable house wrap and weather smart building wrap, safety protection, industrial innovation, and creative living. This will be done through relevant product displays, creative interactions, and more within these five exhibition zones.

In the Creative Living Zone, we have also set up a consumer product retail section, where three popular creative book lights will be showcased! We welcome everyone to come to the event, get a hands-on experience with the products, and make a purchase if you find something you love!


It is an innovative and rare material that combines both

Lightweight and strong, waterproof and breathable

These two sets of "contradictory" characteristics

Produced by the flash evaporation spinning and hot pressing process of polyethylene

The material is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

Wide Range of Applications:


Medical Packaging: Medical Packaging Materials Block and Sterilize Simultaneously

Blocking dust, pathogens, and aerosols from the outside

While allowing gases to pass through its gaps

Achieving a dual action of blocking and sterilization


Building Envelope: Allowing Buildings to "Breathe"

Used as a waterproof and breathable membrane

Blocking external rainwater intrusion

While allowing water vapor inside the building to escape

Efficient insulation and energy conservation


Protective Apparel: PPE Suit Material has Balancing Protection, Durability, and Comfort

The protective suits made with it

Not only isolate bacteria and are not easily damaged

Ensuring protection while also being lightweight and breathable to wear


Industrial Innovation: Unfazed by Wear and Extreme Environments

Industrial Packaging Materials has Outstanding mechanical strength and stability

Can be used in various industrial scenarios such as industrial packaging, logistics transportation, car covers weather protection, reflective films, and label printing


Creative Life: Lightweight and Durable Colorful Designs

Not only can eco friendly packing material meet the requirements of outdoor equipment and sportswear for lightweight comfort and resistance to wear and rain

But it also makes cultural and creative gifts and home products more portable and durable

Achieving more colorful and creative designs


All Ready for CINTE

We look forward to welcoming you to the China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition

Where you can further explore the charm of Hypak™

Let's experience innovative materials together and exchange industry trends

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