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Baby's First Book, More Important Than the Content...

About Alun

A metropolitan career woman from nine to five,

Passionate about exploring life,

An aficionado of art exhibitions,

A lover of physical books to the tenth degree.

On this particular evening, Alun, who adores reading, was still keeping up with news related to the publishing industry before bedtime. In a report, she came across the following:

Publishing Information

According to the "2023 Annual Report on the Retail Market of Books" released by OpenBook, in the composition of the gross sales of various types of books in 2023, children's books constituted the largest proportion, with a gross sales proportion of 27.21%. Even though the proportion has decreased compared to previous years, the children's market remains the largest segmented track in the book market.

After finishing reading the news, Alun thought to herself that it would soon be time to go home for the New Year. During the New Year celebrations, she would inevitably have to visit her cousin's house... Oh, those three little rascals, those three omnipotent little rascals! Just thinking about them gave her a headache.

Fortunately, she had an idea for this year's gifts. Buying some children's books as New Year gifts for the kids at her cousin's house seemed like a good idea!


What to choose? The three kids at my cousin's house, a pair of eight-year-old twins, practically have "little rascals" written all over their faces. Every time I visit my cousin's house, it's either seeing them running around wildly with toy guns going "biubiu," or hearing them shouting as they wreak havoc. Luckily, they tend to quiet down a bit when watching cartoons... Wait! Alun took a closer look, and they've already started tearing books apart!


The three-year-old sister is a bit more well-behaved than the twins, but she still doesn't give Alun any peace of mind. When reading with her, Alun has to keep a close eye on her the whole time. If Alun isn't paying attention, she'll stuff the book into her mouth and start gnawing on it, which always prompts Alun to stop her quickly.


Alun wondered, what kind of book could she possibly buy that would effectively handle these three "little devils"? What sort of magical book could withstand the twins tearing out pages as they read, be resilient to getting dirty, and most importantly, be safe enough so that even if her sister takes a bite, she wouldn't have to worry for a moment?

Alun scratched her head—ordinary paper would find it challenging to meet all these requirements at once.

Just as she was pondering, Alun suddenly remembered the Hypak™ material she had come across during an art exhibition. If applied to children's book printing, wouldn't it effortlessly meet these conditions, putting both herself and her cousin at ease?


Books made of Hypak™

What is Hypak™? It's a high-tech material with high-density polyethylene as its raw material, widely used in the production of printed materials. Why is it said to solve Alun's problem? — Because it has the following advantages!

Durable and Tear-resistant

Hypak™ is very sturdy, with high mechanical value. Even a thin sheet of paper has strong tear resistance, so it's not afraid of children "causing trouble" and it can withstand biting too.

Safe and Non-toxic

Hypak™ material is made of 100% polyethylene and has passed multiple safety tests, ensuring safety and non-toxicity, and non-allergic. Hypak™ is a material used for sterile medical packaging. Books made of it are guaranteed to be safe, so kids can use them without any worries.


Waterproof and Dirt-resistant

Hypak™ material possesses unique waterproof properties, making it convenient for outdoor use, allowing families to enjoy reading together in nature. If it gets dirty outdoors, there's no need to worry. Books made of Hypak™ material are easy to clean and disinfect!

Lightweight Texture

Compared to other books on the market, books made of Hypak™ are lighter in weight, making them easy to handle for children. Kids can easily hold and read the books without worrying about accidentally hurting their hands.

Brilliant Printing

Excellent printing adaptability ensures that children's books printed on Hypak™ material have vibrant colors, clear illustrations, and no color deviation, providing children with a better reading experience.

Diffuse Reflection

The surface of Hypak™ material has diffuse reflection properties, making the paper soft and non-irritating to the eyes, protecting children's vision even during prolonged reading.


Books made of Hypak™ materials perfectly meet Alun's needs. With such a book made of Hypak™, she doesn't have to worry about her twin cousins causing trouble or her younger sister's curiosity leading her to put things in her mouth! The printing quality is excellent, and it also protects the children's eyes. Her cousin will surely be impressed.


After feeling satisfied, Alun also thought that if there were more books printed on Hypak™ material in the future, not just children's books, she, as a level-ten enthusiast of physical books, would benefit greatly. She loves attending exhibitions and often buys large art books. However, these books are often large and heavy, which makes it troublesome whether at home, carrying around, sharing with friends, or when moving.

If Hypak™ material could be used for printing these kinds of books, coupled with its features of waterproofing, moisture resistance, insect resistance, toughness, and durability, it would alleviate many of her concerns about book preservation.


For instance, many books are made into pocket-sized editions for easy carrying, but often they are printed on lightweight paper. Firstly, lightweight paper is too thin and easily damaged. Sometimes you can even see the text from the next page through the thin paper, making the reading experience unpleasant. Additionally, these books don't last long and tend to yellow and age quickly.

However, choosing hardcover books for better quality poses similar problems to large art books. It's troublesome to carry around, and holding them for a long time can be tiring. At this point, books printed on Hypak™ material can strike a balance between the two.


The application of Hypak™ in book printing is extensive, offering multiple advantages that traditional materials lack. Alun looks forward to more exciting books under the protection of Hypak™, providing her with a better reading experience and accompanying both children and adults through joyful reading times.

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