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Kingwills™ Once Again Won an Award!

Nomination on the list

On August 13, 2023, the 23rd "China Future Stars of Enterprises" organized by "China Entrepreneur" magazine was held in Guangzhou. This annual meeting, known as the leader of entrepreneurs, gathered China's top "entrepreneurial team" and is the compass of China's business community.


In this event, the list of "2023-100 Future Stars of Enterprises" was released, and Kingwills Advanced Materials won the annual glory for its innovative technology to break the monopoly and outstanding development as a new materials science and technology enterprise.


 Second from the right: Mr. Eric Chen, founder of Kingwills Advanced Materials


Technological innovation witnesses the ideal path of Chinese entrepreneurs

The project of Future Stars, sponsored by "China Entrepreneur" magazine, started in 2001. Over the past 23 years, "China Entrepreneur" magazine has been committed to finding shark seedlings in the business world. Future Stars has produced a number of star companies such as Tencent, Baidu,, Meituan, and Xiaomi, witnessing several technological iterations driving business transformation, as well as the adventure and success of Chinese entrepreneurs.


Future Stars of Enterprise

Annual Top 100


The selection and awarding of "China Future Stars of Enterprise" is to select 100 excellent companies with innovative spirit from tens of thousands of companies, to commend their relentless pursuit of innovative development, and to promote the spirit of industry transformation.



It all starts with Hypak™


Hypak™, developed and produced by Kingwills™, is a super-material made from polyethylene through "flash spinning" process. It can simultaneously possess the contradictory characteristics of lightweight, strong toughness, and waterproof breathability, and it is 100% recyclable.


Hypak™ has been widely used in high-end applications of non-woven fabrics and specialty papers, but due to its extremely high technological barriers, it has been monopolized by Fortune Global 500 companies for nearly 60 years. Kingwills™ has independently researched and developed, overcome technical difficulties over the past decade, achieved large-scale production, and changed the market pattern.


Resource Integration & Capacity Expansion

Earlier this year, Hypak™ completed a B-round financing of over 100 million yuan, attracting the lead investment of the national-level New Materials Fund (China National Building Materials New Materials Fund) and joint lead investment from GPRO Investment, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry, Oriza Holdings, and Taihe Capital.  The A-round lead investors GGV Capital and Oriental Yuhong have continued to increase their investments, and Taihe Capital serves as the long-term exclusive financial advisor; the favor of capital to Hypak™ also confirms the market's demand for the scarce materials industry.


Relying on the advantages of various investment parties, Hypak™ actively integrates resources, deepens the penetration of application scenarios, and expands its sales network. At the same time, to meet market demand, it is fully committed to capacity construction. The Hypak™ production line has increased from 3,000 tons of capacity last year to 15,000 tons, and is continuously accelerating the construction of multiple production lines, continuing to expand the global market!


Creating Value

Mr. Eric Chen, the founder of Hypak™, believes: "The development of the future world is based on the progress of basic materials. Technological innovation and material breakthroughs are the general trend and also my goal."


At present, in many application fields in China, most of the innovations are limited to front-end research and development, still relying on monopolized backend technologies. Solving technological barriers at the source is the true and complete innovation. Hypak™ has always focused its strength on innovative research and development of technology, aiming to develop more superior performance innovative materials.

Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the world's most creative material technology enterprise, creating sustainable solutions for a better and happy life for people.