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Cleanroom Protection

Cleanroom Protection

In a cleanroom environment, maintaining product and process integrity while ensuring the safety of personnel is of utmost importance. Hypak™, a filament fiber material created through flash-spinning technology using high-density polyethylene, offers a smooth low-linting surface and is designed to have no delamination or burrs, helping to maintain the cleanliness and purity of the controlled environment.

In addition, Hypak™ is processed without additives. It has a soft and comfortable feel, which enhances wearing comfort. It is also strong and tear-resistant thanks to its high mechanical strength. Hypak™, being compatible with other PPE such as gloves and face masks, provides aseptic wear that strengthens control over sterility-jeopardizing risks and meets the most demanding protection needs of cleanrooms of different grades.

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Other Safety Protection Applications of Flashspun Hypak™

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