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Leading the Industry with Over 15,000 Tons in Production Capacity

At the beginning of 2024, Hard Core chose Kingwills Advanced Materials as its lead story, with 36Kr reporting simultaneously. Since 2023, the development pace of the new materials industry, represented by Kingwills Advanced Materials, has noticeably accelerated. Materials with environmentally friendly features such as low carbon, high performance, green, and renewable materials have gained significant attention. As reported by Hard Core, "New materials have become a hot topic in the investment market."


Innovative Value Award of the Year

Half a month before Hard Core's report, Kingwills Advanced Materials received the "Innovative Value Award of the Year 2023," guided by the Shanghai Press Group and hosted by Cailian News. In May 2023, Kingwills Advanced Materials secured a hundred-million-yuan investment in Series B funding, less than a year after Series A financing. This round of financing is jointly led by China National Building Materials Fund and GPRO, together with Shaanxi Coal, Oriza and TAIHECAP. GL Ventures and Oriental Yuhong, the lead investors in the A-round, continue to provide support. TAIHECAP also serves as the exclusive long-term financial advisor. Media even hailed them with headlines like "Leading the Direction of the New Materials Industry," making it a trending topic in the industry.


Why does Kingwills Advanced Materials Have Such Strength?

Flash Spun Super Material Filling a Domestic Void in this Field


In recent years, Kingwills Advanced Materials has delved into innovative and forward-looking research in the field of new materials, obtaining numerous patents and achievements. Their star product, the flash-spun fabric "Hypak™, is a super material with various features: waterproof yet breathable, lightweight yet durable, combining the advantages of paper, fabric, and film. It is adaptable to various processing methods, with applications spanning over a hundred scenarios.

Before the creation of Hypak™, materials with such diverse qualities were monopolized by global chemical giants for nearly half a century. The limited supply, pricing control, and supply dominance were firmly in their hands. Kingwills Advanced Materials decided to independently develop and venture into this unexplored territory. After nearly a decade of challenging research and failures, overcoming technical hurdles and acquiring flash-spinning technology, Kingwills Advanced Materials established a formidable technological barrier, broke the monopoly of a global Fortune 500 company, and filled the domestic gap in this technological industry.

Rapid Capacity Expansion, Expanding Application Scenarios

Looking at some figures mentioned in Hard Core's report on Kingwills Advanced Materials located in Nantong Industrial Park: In August 2022, the first 3,000-ton production line officially started, and by the end of July last year, two additional 6,000-ton production lines were completed and in operation. In just a year, the total capacity has increased several times, reaching 15,000 tons. In terms of capacity, Hypak™ has officially entered professional fields and the consumer market, directly or indirectly impacting numerous areas of people's lives.




Diverse Application Scenarios with Over a Hundred Subdivisions

Hypak™, this "magical" material, has been widely used in five major application scenarios: medical packaging, building energy conservation, safety protection, industrial innovation, and creative living. The material has been subdivided into over a hundred scenarios.


In building energy conservation, it can replace traditional insulation materials, providing external waterproofing, internal ventilation, and controlling room temperature, creating environmentally friendly "breathing buildings." It can also be widely used in cold storage, tile roofs, and metal roof structures, playing a hidden role in energy-efficient building temperature control.






Compared to traditional paper-plastic packaging and medical non-woven fabrics, the outstanding physical properties of Hypak™ make it excellent for protecting irregular, sharp, and heavy medical equipment, with features such as anti-bacterial, tear resistance, puncture resistance, and fold resistance. It is also waterproof and compatible with various sterilization methods, preventing the generation of dust or debris when medical personnel open the packaging, avoiding secondary pollution of medical equipment.




In terms of safety protection, Hypak™ challenges tradition with its dense structure and small pore size, effectively resisting aerosols, dust particles, etc. It can be transformed into various protective clothing, balancing protection and comfort, safeguarding the lives of special workers. Its durability allows it to maintain good condition even in rough handling or harsh environments.




In the consumer goods sector, Hypak™ has unleashed a variety of new faces and play styles. Its fibrous material is translucent, making it a favorite of designers. Compatible with various printing and processing methods, from cutting, sewing to coating, bonding, or composite processing, its creative applications are diverse, ranging from outdoor products to furniture design, fashion to bags, cultural and creative products to toys, space design to art installations— Hypak™ is forever innovating.





Special Attention

Currently, the joint exhibition "The Form of 'Breath'—Contemporary Art and Kingwills Advanced Materials Cross-Border Works," co-hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Shanghai Normal University, the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai Normal University, and Kingwills Advanced Materials, is on display in the art forest of the Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Normal University. Eight artists have used Hypak™ as the main material to create multiple installation artworks, reinterpreting the beauty of high-tech new materials through art.

Building on the Past, Innovating Boldly

In the final remarks of Hard Core's report, Kingwills Advanced Materials is said to have established a comprehensive distribution network and direct sales channels for B-end clients, covering different industries and regions. For C-end customers, they have a professional design team and an online sales team. In the new year, Kingwills Advanced Materials will continue to expand its research and development team, explore innovation in new materials, strengthen the industrial chain for Hypak™, and collaborate closely on the "building on the past, innovating boldly" journey, jointly developing more innovative applications.

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