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Steel and Wood Structure

Steel and Wood Structure

"Comfy Protective Clothing" for Steel and Wood Structures

In the context of the dual-carbon goal, the advantages of wood structures are even more prominent. A modern wood-frame building represents a new form of green building, offering significant ecological and environmental benefits such as low carbon emissions, energy efficiency, recycling, waste reduction, and carbon sequestration. The use of assembly construction techniques in modern wood structure systems further enhances their appeal. Components are prefabricated off-site, allowing for quicker on-site assembly. Furthermore, the integration of wood structures with concrete and steel elements brings about more possibilities for assembled building systems, driving the progress of new building development in China.

Wood is a natural low-carbon building material that is renewable, recyclable and degradable. However, the ubiquitous water vapor in the air seriously threatens the durability of wood-framed buildings and affects their energy consumption. Waterproofing, windproofing, and improving the airtightness of a building are essential steps to enhance both its durability and energy efficiency as it is protected from moisture-related issues like mold and mildew.

Hypak™ Solutions

The waterproof and breathable Hypak™ membrane covers the outside of a building insulation system, and is used together with an air barrier membrane for waterproofing, air permeability, and moisture and mold resistance, which improves the service life of a building and cuts energy consumption.

Performance Features of Steel and Wood Structure

  • Excellent Moisture Control System and Mold and Mildew Resistance

    The hydrophobic nature of the waterproof and breathable Hypak™ membrane prevents the entry of rainwater and condensate from the outside and, together with other accessories, provides a solid waterproofing layer.

    The waterproof and breathable Hypak™ membrane on the outdoor side of the building helps water vapor to diffuse outwards from the envelope and not to gather in the insulation. At the same time, the membrane on the indoor side prevents water vapor from penetrating into the envelope, keeping the insulation dry and avoiding damage caused by condensation, such as mold and rust.

  • Greater Airtightness and Lower Energy Consumption

    Hypak™, known for its excellent windproof ability, is applied as an outer layer on the building envelope. This application improves airtightness,  reduces energy loss due to air convection, and optimizes the thermal insulation of lightweight steel structures used in the building exterior. The exceptional water vapor removal ability of Hypak™ prevents cold bridges in the building envelope, resulting in better insulation and lower energy consumption.

The Structural Schematic Diagram

The Structural Schematic Diagram
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