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Leading the Charge in Sustainable Development with the Global Recycle Standard Certification

Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. has recently been awarded the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certificate, an honor that signifies our solid progress on the path to sustainable development. The issuance of the GRS certificate is not only a recognition of the company's environmentally friendly production but also a reflection of the company's proactive assumption of social responsibility.

The GRS certificate aims to encourage and promote the textile industry's movement towards greater sustainability. The goal of the GRS certificate is to assess a company's environmental performance in product design, production, sales, and final disposal, and to conduct strict audits on its use of recycled fibers, recycled materials, and environmentally friendly production processes.


Specifically, the evaluation criteria for GRS certification include the following aspects:

- The use of recycled materials: assessing the proportion of recycled materials used by the company, including recycled fibers and recycled materials;

- Product lifecycle: evaluating the entire lifecycle of a product from design and production to sales and final disposal, to ensure compliance with sustainability requirements;

- Environmentally friendly production processes: assessing whether the company's production processes use environmentally friendly technologies and methods to reduce resource consumption, pollution emissions, and energy use;

- Social responsibility: evaluating the company's performance in terms of social responsibility, including employee welfare, labor rights, and community support.

Obtaining the GRS certificate means that the company's products meet global environmental standards, demonstrating high environmental performance and social responsibility.


Kingwills™ Advanced Materials, with its unremitting efforts and years of investment in environmental protection, has advanced to the forefront of sustainable development. Kingwills™ Advanced Materials holds dozens of technical patents and is highly focused on research and development investment and technological breakthroughs, committing itself to green and safe production to build a zero-carbon factory conducive to sustainable development. From research and development to manufacturing, Kingwills™ Advanced Materials strictly implements the zero-carbon concept in every link, achieving efficient and comprehensive energy recovery and recycling through a five-system internal circulation system.

Among other initiatives, Kingwills™ Advanced Materials employs green electricity and green building technology, including the use of BIPV photovoltaic systems to replace traditional roofs, and collaborates with Oriental Yuhong to construct waterproof, insulating, and breathable green workshops. Additionally, the company comprehensively reduces environmental impacts during production through the recycling of thermal energy, water, and solvents, as well as the reuse of waste materials, achieving the goal of green production.

Looking to the future, Kingwills™ Advanced Materials will continue to uphold the "green, environmentally friendly, sustainable" development philosophy, further increasing investment in environmental protection technologies and green production, and continuously improving the quality and environmental performance of our products. We will work together with our partners to promote the global textile industry towards greater sustainability, contributing our strength to building a beautiful earthly home.

Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the world's most creative material technology enterprise, creating sustainable solutions for a better and happy life for people.