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Kingwills™ Won The Top Ten Scientific And Technological Innovations

On January 29, the "Mobilization Meeting for Project Construction of the whole City", which was highly valued by Nantong City, was held. The meeting announced that the 2022 high-quality construction project of the whole city, Kingwills™ special new material project, with its extremely high scientific and technological content, strong development momentum, and huge market prospect, won the Nantong "Top Ten scientific and technological Innovation Projects in 2022".

About the Nantong City project construction mobilization meeting

Entrusted by Wang Hui, the Party Secretary of Nantong City, Wu Xinming, Deputy Party Secretary and mayor of Nantong City, put forward requirements for the next stage of work. Municipal CPPCC Chairman Huang Weidong, Municipal People's Congress Standing deputy director, deputy secretary of the Party Group Zhuang Zhongqiu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Shen Lei, minister of the publicity Department and another city four sets of leadership attended the meeting. The award of Kingwills™ special new material fully highlights the significant advantages of multi-dimensional application of science and technology, implementation scale, project output and so on.

Kingwills® Won The Top Ten Scientific And Technological Innovations

Mr. Chen Boyi (first row, fifth from right) receives the award

Kingwills™ opens up a road of independent innovation

Any transcendent technology will break its original monopoly pattern and bring more opportunities, challenges and development. Behind the birth of the lightning-spinning metamaterials Hypak™, faced with the unclear "only in the world" industry monopoly situation and pressure, Kingwills™ has opened up a road of independent innovation and added to the blank of the domestic new material technology industry. So far, it has changed the pattern that only one American Fortune 500 company in the world has mastered this technology and large-scale production capacity for nearly 60 years. At the same time, it means that  Kingwills™ is a material technology company with the ability and determination to truly occupy a considerable market share in the world.

The significance of the independent innovation of Kingwills™ is not limited to the birth of a single product, but to promote the development of the entire global industry, bring new opportunities and challenges, and opening international cooperation, so as to open a new business change.

The innovative versatility of Flash Spun Hypak™

As hard as paper but as soft as cloth, tear-resistant and breathable, this is the unique label of flash spun metamateralized Hypak™. Flashspun fabric, As a new material with high technical barriers, it has the characteristics of strong water resistance, air permeability, lightweight and high strength. It is widely used in the upstream and downstream of high-end applications of non-woven fabric and special paper, such as medical packaging materials, building energy saving, safety protection, industrial innovation, consumer goods, etc. Hypark™ even plays a key role in hundreds of scenes in many places we can't see. The multi-faceted nature and strong plasticity of flash-spinning metamaterial Hypak enable it to have a strong expansion space, helping all walks of life to develop high-performance, high-quality, innovative and high-quality products.

hypark of kingwills

Spare no effort to realize self-research and development

From breaking the monopoly to realizing the mass production of flash-spinning materials, Cyyun has been putting its dream into practice since 2014. The core R&D team is from internationally renowned new materials companies and research institutes. By 2017, the basic research and development of the laboratory has achieved a breakthrough. In the nearly ten years of continuous research and development process, constantly adjusting schemes, constantly evolving tools, constantly iterating technologies, constantly exploring modes, and constantly strengthening spirits are all mountains to be crossed by the final realization of new scarce materials. At present, the sufficient reserve of scientific and technological talents and rich experience in large-scale production can provide a solid technical guarantee for the continuous optimization and quality improvement of Hypak™ materials and also set up an efficient scientific research environment for the research and development of more new products in the future.

Hypark ® materials and also set up an efficient scientific research environment

Unswervingly independent innovation, and steady development, win the future

In the mobilization meeting of Nantong 2023 project construction on the same day, Wu Xinming, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, was required: to plan projects, grasp the general trend, based on the needs of Nantong, stimulate the ability of enterprises, give full play to the subjective initiative, plan major projects with forward-looking thinking, to provide strong support for the construction of strong fulcrum and create growth pole.

Chen Boyi, founder and CEO of Kingwills™, deeply appreciates the recognition and support of the Nantong Municipal government for the innovative work of Kingwills™. He firmly believes that Hypak™ material is only a microcosm of the fruitful achievements of Qing Yun's scientific and technological innovation, and more transcendent and even irreplaceable products will be born with the power of science and technology in the future. "In today's changing and challenging world environment, scientific and technological progress is the basic guarantee to build the advantages of enterprises and even countries, and firm independent innovation is the first factor to promote high-quality development," he said. Kingwills™ is willing to take a down-to-earth attitude, steady perseverance, and then target oriented, with Nantong carbon neutral integrated factory as the fulcrum, focus on research and development to lead technological innovation, steady development, win the future!"

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