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Go Live To Medtec China! Hypak Medical Packaging Solutions Amazes the Industry

As a material technology company dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for a better life for mankind, Kingwills™ made its debut at the 2022 Medtec Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation and Development Conference held in Suzhou today. A number of exhibitors and customers gathered together for in-depth industry exchanges.

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As a scientific innovation show in the field of metamaterials, Kingwills™ New Materials specially presented Hypak™ with different processing treatments and a series of medical sterilization packaging made of them, which attracted much attention on the spot.

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Best House Wrap for Insulation

Hypak™ may be the most popular material in the field of healthcare packaging!

First of all, the raw materials and preparation process of Hypak™ Flash Spun are different! It is made of 100% virgin high-density polyethylene through flash-spinning technology. This continuous filament product has an ultra-fine fiber network structure. Therefore, its chemical stability, biocompatibility, and physical and mechanical properties are all well-suited for the industry's top students!

Various features of Hypak™  material

The extraordinary "origin" of Hypak™ determines its "talent". For healthcare packaging, to establish an effective sterile barrier system, who can develop so comprehensively?

Excellent microbial barrier, Excellent antibacterial rate data, "SAY NO" to all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms!

Hypak™ material: Good air permeability

Compatible with various sterilization

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Hypak™  Material: Waterproof & Tear Resistant 

Hypak™ environmentally friendly waterproof material is not afraid of transport and storage conditions in special cases

Hypak™  Material: Cleanable Peeling

No crumbs and no fiber shedding when peeling off

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All in all, Hypak™ is just that versatile. Compared with many other materials in the healthcare packaging industry, it can take into account every detail and guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the packaging in all aspects!

As disposable medical sterilization packaging materials, paper-plastic packaging bags and medical non-woven fabrics are also very common, but they are usually very fragile. When encountering irregularly packaged, sharp and heavy medical devices, they will be not qualified. The strength of Hypak™ is not so high - it is tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and folding-resistant, and it can withstand all kinds of "tossing" without being damaged!

At the same time, Hypak™ has good water resistance and anti-penetration. The water droplets produced during sterilization will not be absorbed by the material, won't easily dampen the inside of the package like medical crepe paper.

Best House Wrap Insulation

Not only Healthcare Packaging, but Hypak™ is also a special fiber material independently developed by Kingwills™ which has a hard structure like paper and a soft structure like cloth.

Best House Wrap Material

Because of the following characteristics:

  • Tear Resistant · Flexible

  • Waterproof · Dustproof ·  Antibacterial · Breathable

  • Safety · Cleanable Peeling

  • Durable · Recyclable;

  • Easy to process and print and so on.

In addition to Healthcare Packaging, it is also widely used in breathable house wrap, Protective Apparel, PPE suit material, Industrial Innovation and Creative Life, and other fields.

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