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Flashspun Hypak™ sets a new industry standard for advanced materials
Waterproof and breathable material

Flashspun Hypak™ is an innovative flashspun high density polyethylene fabric (HDPE woven fabric) with a dense and fine mesh structure, a strong waterproof material.

Born out of a highly sophisticated and advanced technological process known as flahsspinning, HDPE flashspun Hypak™ offers outstanding performance as a waterproof and breathable material, versatile for various applications, presenting promising market prospects.


An HDPE fabric, flashspun Hypak™ has a key advantage over other materials such as non-woven fabrics, specialty papers, or film materials, offering a balanced performance marring two sets of contradictory characteristics.

Breathable yet Waterproof

You can't always have the best of both worlds; instead, you have to choose. For instance, water resistant materials oftentimes lack breathablity. However, flashspun Hypak™, an HDPE fabric, offers a unique balance of the two contradicting properties -- water resistance and breathability -- thanks to its narrowly controlled pore size. This structure allows gas molecules to pass through while blocking liquid, solid particles, bacteria, and virus carriers, making it a perfect air permeable waterproof material.

This makes it ideal for applications requiring both protection and breathability, such as sterilization packaging that needs high-temperature gas sterilization to penetrate through while safeguarding medical devices from bacterial contamination.


Lightweight yet Tear Resistant

Flashspun Hypak™ is a light weight waterproof material, weighing only 30-60 grams per square meter, much lighter than writing paper which weighs 60-80 grams per square meter, yet it possesses impressive strength, resisting punctures, tears, abrasion, repeated folding and flexing.

A light weight waterproof material, flashspun Hypak™ makes a versatile base material for a wide range of applications from different industries, supporting different processing techniques like lamination and adhesive coating.


Eco friendly packaging material

Flashspun Hypak™ is an environmentally friendly packaging material. It contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and when burned, it produces only carbon dioxide and water, leaving no other residues, making it fully 100% recyclable

Additionally, this eco friendly pacakaging material's high fiber coupling allows for clean peeling, making it ideal for sterilization packaging materials, leaving no debris or fibers when pealed.

Healthcare Sterilization Packaging
  • Microbial barrier compatible with common sterilizations

In the past, the primary healthcare sterilization packaging materials for Class III medical devices was medical-grade dialysis paper. Compared to that, flashspun Hypak™ offers a supeiror performance, striking a balance between microbial barrier and breathability, making it a perfect medical device packaging material. It supports sterilization methods including ethylene oxide (EtO), gamma radiation, electron beam (E-beam), steam (controlled), etc., while preventing bacteria from penetrating before use, great for sterilization packaging.

The perfect material for medical sterilization packaging also calls for high mechanical strength that prevents tearing, and enables clean peeling without generating debris or fibers, even those invisible to the naked eye. This is crucial for avoiding contamination, as class III medical devices are either involved with implantation within the human body or direct contact with blood. And flashspun Hypak™ exhibits both properties, making it a perfect choice for healthcare sterilization pacakging material, such as sterilization packs, sterilisation bags, sterilisation pouchs, sterilization packaging, etc..

Building Housewrap
  • Keep buildings breathing

The key to energy efficiency in building house wrap lies in their insulation performance. Aluminum foil materials are great as homewrap vapour barrier material materials but lack breathability, trapping moisture inside. Common membrane materials as house wrap may lack waterproofing, leading to water damage in walls. Sheet materials  like aluminum sheets and galvanized steel sheets as house wrap vapor barrier may suffer from poor breathability, inadequate waterproofing, and installation difficulties.

However, flashspun Hypak™, an innovative HDPE fabric material that's both waterproof and breathable, excels in these aspects. When used as the membrane within the breathable house wrap, it offers water resistance, insulation, wind resistance, durability, ease of installation, and environmental sustainability as a recyclable material.

For instance, when applied as insulation in building curtain wall, it serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it shields against external rainwater and strong winds, preventing rapid heat loss from the interior. On the other hand, it facilitates the expulsion of trapped moisture, safeguarding the insulation layer from moisture accumulation and prolonging its lifespan.

Furthermore, areas with significant changes in temperature, such as flooring of cold storage and metal roofing, are prone to condensation. A vapour barrier material, flashspun Hypak™ becomes the perfect solution for house wrap vapor barrier with its waterproofing, breathability and thermal endruance. By ensuring exceptional and long-lasting insulation performance, it effectively reduces energy consumption in buildings.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Safer, More Comfort Protection

Materials used for protective apparel such as PPE suits must strike a balance between being lightweight and tear-resistant while effectively shielding against bacteria and allowing some gas exchange.

The challenge lies in balancing protection and breathability. Some medical suits available in the market has been criticized by healthcare professionals  as uncomfortably hot after wearing. This is because the medical suit material is coated, sealing off all pores. While it offers excellent protection, it compromises breathability. As a result, there's no gas exchange between the human bodies and the outside environment, leading to prolonged discomfort and excessive sweating upon removal.

On the other hand, some protective PPE suit material leans towards the opposite extreme. It consists of multiple layers of non-woven fabric without any coating, providing breathability and comfort but sacrificing complete protection.

In contrast, medical suits made with PPE fabric flashspun Hypak™ excels in both areas. This PPE fabric effectively shields off microbial, withstands damage, and ensures a lightweight and breathable wearing experience, guaranteeing both protection and comfort.

Industrial Innovation
  • Durability that lasts long

In various innovative industrial packaging material applications, high physical strength and environmental durability are in high demand; for example, the desiccant packages used in precision instruments, electronic devices, and hardware, needs to be wear-resistant and able to prevent liquid and dust infiltration while effectively absorbing moisture.

Similarly, in applications such as express packaging envelopes and Cargo Covers, which may involve perishable or frozen products and face extreme temperatures or sun exposure, the materials must withstand these harsh conditions. Ordinary packaging materials often lack the necessary strength, but flashspun Hypak™, a breathable waterproof material, can.  This  can also be used as car protective covers during factory shipment, protecting the vehicle surface from scratches and preserving the interior components.

Beyond being used as industrial packaging materials, flashspun Hypak™  is also the perfect fabric for TAG & Printing. In outdoor environments like amusement parks, hospitals, or sports events where wristbands or athlete number tags are used, flashspun Hypak™ materials are tear-resistant, waterproof, and can maintain clear and vibrant prints, enduring challenging weather conditions.

Creative Life
  • Inspiring daily living

Flashspun Hypak™ material finds applications in a wide range of everyday consumer products. It is used in outdoor gear like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, as well as lightweight and waterproof sportswear and footwear. The remarkable feature of Hypak™ material is its lightweight and breathable nature, providing comfort while being durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The unique texture of Hypak™ material allows for various printing and processing methods, offering designers ample creative opportunities. It adds a touch of creativity and aesthetic appeal to cultural and creative products, home goods, and more, with distinctive shapes, beautiful colors, patterns, and a premium tactile experience.


Kingwills Advanced Materials previously completed a Series A funding round exceeding 100 million RMB in 2022, and landed more than 100 million yuan in Series B funding in early 2023 again

This round of financing is jointly led by China National Building Materials Fund and GPRO, together with Shaanxi Coal, Oriza and TAIHECAP. GL Ventures and Oriental Yuhong, the lead investors in the A-round, continue to provide support. TAIHECAP also serves as the exclusive long-term financial advisor. This round of fundraising is intended to expand production lines, strengthen the supply chain system, and build a top-notch talent team.

This demonstrates the market's demand for advanced materials. With the support of various investors, Kingwills™ is poised to accelerate its research and development in high-value advanced materials through industry collaboration and resource aggregations.

Chen Boyi, founder & CEO of Kingwills™, believes that the progress of basic materials is crucial for the future world's development. The advanced materials industry is a strategic and foundational sector, representing a key area of the new technological revolution and industrial transformation.

Missioned to provide innovative material solutions, Kingwills™ will focus on continuously iterating the flashspun Hypak™ product line in the coming few years, providing superior product quality. And in the future, Kingwills™ aims to develope multiple product lines to support diverse industries in creating high-performance, high-quality, and innovative products.

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