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Flying the Kite Made with Hypak™

Kingwills™ Collaborates with Nantong Kite Museum

In collaboration with Guo Chengyi, the master inheritor of the Nantong Whistle kite, a national intangible cultural heritage, a magnificent Whistle kite made with  Hypak™ new sustainable packaging materials has been created.


Revitalizing Traditional Culture: Why Choose Hypak™?

After the kite soars into the sky, it must withstand the force of the wind and often encounters the risk of falling or getting entangled in tree branches. Artisans have expressed their concerns that traditional kite materials are prone to damage and tearing, and they have always hoped for new materials that can overcome this flaw.


Hypak™ Flash spun enables a revolutionary breakthrough in the robustness of the new generation of Whistle kites. Hypak™ is highly tear-resistant, waterproof, and windproof, making it less prone to damage. Moreover, its excellent overall flatness ensures that the surface and patterns do not deform when pulled, resulting in a naturally more beautiful kite.


Hypak™ environmentally friendly waterproof material not only significantly prolongs the lifespan of the kite but also preserves the craftsmanship of artisans to the maximum extent, allowing this intangible cultural heritage to be preserved and passed down for a long time.


Lightness is a fundamental requirement for kite materials. Hypak™ is even lighter than writing paper, making it easier to fly than most traditional materials.


The Whistle kite features rich and magnificent painted themes, representing people's aspirations for a better life. Hand-painting and industrial printing have their own significance regarding patterns and colors. The former represents the heritage of craftsmanship and ingenuity, while the latter meets the demand of mass production and cost reduction while spreading the spirit of Whistle kite culture to modern people.

Hypak™ presents excellent pattern and color rendering, maintaining the integrity of patterns and the vibrancy of colors over time. It not only excels in hand-painting but is also compatible with various printing techniques, providing more diverse options.

The production process diagram of the kite shows that the entire material is made of Hypak™, with hand-drawn black color and totem patterns.

Whistle kite, Listen to the Whispers of the Wind

The Whistle kite has a history of over two thousand years and is a representative of the Southern style kites. It is known as the "symphony in the sky" and is characterized by its resemblance to a door panel with numerous sound holes. When it is flown, the wind causes it to vibrate, creating a chorus of hundreds of whistles.

It originated from the agricultural culture of Nantong in Jiangsu province. In the past, the local people relied on Whistle kites to determine directions and predict the weather while they engaged in fishing and salt drying. It also symbolizes people's aspirations for a better life and carries the rich traditional folk culture and humanistic sentiments.

The small kite embodies people's spiritual aspirations and aesthetic taste and represents the enduring traditional Chinese culture that has lasted for thousands of years. To better carry on this legacy, we must embrace new approaches.

It is not just the Whistle kite; Hypak™ believes that it can preserve more cultural elements through super materials, ensuring their longevity and allowing tradition to become eternal.

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