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Secretary-General Li Weiyang Visits Kingwills Advanced Materials with Delegation from CAMDI Medical Polymer Products Branch

Recently, Ms. Li Weiyang, the Secretary-General of the Medical Polymer Products Branch under the China Association for Medical Devices Industry, led a team of eight experts to visit Kingwills Advanced Materials' Nantong factory. Kingwills Advanced Materials' Vice Chairman Sun Jiang, Head of the Medical Division Liu Shiliang and Head of Public Relations You Qi, accompanied the visit.


Mr. Sun Jiang warmly welcomed the branch leaders and experts and invited them to explore the Innovation Experience Center and the office of Kingwills Advanced Materials. Subsequently, the two parties engaged in in-depth discussions regarding the technological development and application of flash spinning materials in the medical packaging industry.


In November 2023, Secretary-General Li Weiyang of the CAMDI Medical Polymer Products Branch led a delegation to visit Kingwills Advanced Materials.

During the meeting, Vice Chairman Sun Jiang provided an overview of the history and progress of Kingwills and shared the recent breakthrough in Kingwill's proprietary flash spinning technology. He explained that flash spinning technology had been controlled by foreign countries for over 50 years due to their complex preparation process and high technical requirements, resulting in their scarcity on a global scale. After years of research and development, flashspun Hypak™ was born, combining contradictory characteristics such as waterproofness and breathability, lightweightness and strength. It exhibits many benefits inlcuding high cleanliness, free from debris or burrs, and allowing for clean peeling. Additionally, it is compatible with most sterilization methods, making it an ideal material for medical device packaging.


Secretary-General Li Weiyang of the CAMDI Medical Polymer Products Branch praised and congratulated Kingwills Advanced Materials for their achievements and provided valuable insights on the application of flashspun Hypak™ in the medical packaging industry. She expressed her commitment to strengthening communication and cooperation with Kingwills Advanced Materials in the future, with the aim of helping them achieve further technological advancements in the medical packaging sector.


Vice Chairman Sun Jiang emphasized that Kingwills Advanced Materials places great importance on technological innovation and builds a team comprising renowned scientists from around the world. This team serves as a solid foundation for continuously enhancing the quality of existing products and developing new ones. Moving forward, the company will continue to promote research, development, and production of innovative material products, contributing to the higher quality development of the medical device packaging industry.

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