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Outdoor Life with Hypak™: Be Wild while Being Exquisite!

Camping is becoming a trendy lifestyle and spiritual nomadism for urbanites. 

In this trend, camping and outdoor products are being upgraded! Hypak™ by Kingwills, as a kind of eco friendly packing material, surpasses conventional materials in terms of lightweight and durability when used in tents, moisture-proof mats, picnic mats, bags, etc.



Balancing between lightweight, durability, and aesthetics 

Exquisite and wild at the same time!!


#01 Super Lightweight

Get the sense of relaxation camping


Hypak™ flash spun  material is thin and lightweight 

Weighs lighter than writing paper 

Use it for tents, floor mats, and other camping gear

More lightweight, portable, saves luggage space

Say goodbye to heavy backpacking

Go out easily and freely


Hypak™ by Kingwills can be used for tents, picnic mats, camping chairs


#02 Super Durable

Withstands the test of nature


Common materials easily break outdoors

Hypak™ earth friendly packaging material by Kingwills is tear-resistant/foldable

Also waterproof and UV-resistant 

Ensures product durability

Can also be used for packaging camping products

And outdoor protection for shading, wind-blocking, etc.

Reduces environmental impact and harm to objects and the human body


#03 Super Stylish

Bringing style on the go

Hypak™ by Kingwills has delicate textures 

Special texture

And can be used for various printing and processing 

Showcasing rich "aesthetics" designs


Hypak™ by Kingwills can be used for floor mats


#04 Super Durable

You can save your mind


Elegant camping

Need to be exquisite all the time

Hypak™ is dustproof and durable

Even after experiencing wind and rain

It can be easily cleaned at home


Hypak™ is 100% recyclable 

In the era of advocating green design and green travel

Having such environmentally friendly material products

Is also a fashion statement


The camping and outdoor sports boom continues, Hypak™ by Kingwills, with both aesthetics and performance, brings more design inspiration to the industry and opens up more product possibilities. Making everyone's outdoor life easier, healthier, and more enjoyable.

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Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the world's most creative material technology enterprise, creating sustainable solutions for a better and happy life for people.