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Kingwills™ Invited to Ringier's 25th Annivers Special Interview!

Kingwills Advanced Materials independently developed Flashspun Hypak™, which has attracted considerable attention in the market in recent years. Especially after receiving another one billion yuan in Series B financing recently, it has sparked a wave of media interviews, making it a leader in the industry!


Recently, Ringier, a leading exhibition and media platform in China's manufacturing industry, invited Mr. Daniel Sun, Senior Vice President of Kingwills Advanced Materials, for an interview filled with information on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Curious about the exciting topics they discussed? Let me summarize them for you!


Mr. Sun Jiang, Senior Vice President of Kingwills Advanced Materials

Hypak™-Irreplaceable medical materials!


Medical suit material and medical sterilization packaging are currently the most important application areas for Hypak™. Hypak™ has achieved the miraculous feat of combining high-performance bacterial and biochemical barrier, chemical stability, mechanical strength, and waterproof breathability in a single domestically produced material! It can withstand most sterilization methods, achieve clean peeling, and has an irreplaceable position in the medical industry. Currently, this material has been commercialized, and we are also committed to creating products and solutions that are in line with the characteristics of the Chinese market. We believe that it will appear more and more in medical protective and medical device sterilization packaging in the future.


Hypak™ used for medical device sterilization packaging

Technological difficulties-Every hurdle is hard, but we've overcome them all.

From formulation, equipment to process, the entire production process is independently developed by us. Especially the equipment, no supplier can customize production, and all the equipment and parts are designed by us, and even produced by ourselves! During this process, we went through more than ten years of exploration and trial and error before finally achieving today's Hypak™!


Hypak™ is also used for industrial protective clothing and chemical protective coveralls

Doubling the market, changing the market landscape!

Since the construction of the first commercial-scale production line last year, we have been accelerating the construction of multiple production lines, and we will soon double the current base of 3,000 tons! We will continue to expand the global market!


Innovate the future, leverage synergy!

The successful Series B financing not only proves the bright prospects of the new material industry, but also represents the confidence of the capital market in Hypak™. Kingwills Advanced Materials will continue to innovate in technology and products, expand flash spun production capacity, break through bottlenecks, and enter a period of rapid development. At the same time, we will jointly expand and integrate resources with important partners such as Oriental Yuhong and China National Building Materials, leveraging their synergy.


Independent innovation, genuine value creation

In many domestic application areas, most of the innovation is limited to front-end research and development, and still relies on monopolized back-end technology. Solving the source technological barriers is the real and complete innovation.

Kingwills Advanced Materials has spent more than ten years to break through technological barriers and achieve independent research and development from scratch. We also look forward to more companies achieving breakthroughs in basic research of eco-friendly waterproof material as soon as possible, and promoting the renewal of the global market landscape in various fields!

Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
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