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Hypak™ Flashspun Carbon Neutral Integrated Factory

Kingwills™ Carbon Neutral Integrated Factory

Adhering to the Concept of Zero Carbon Build a Green and Sustainable Factory

Kingwills™Advanced Materials, which has dozens of 10 technology patents, not only pays great attention to Research and Development investment and technological breakthroughs, but also always takes green and safe production as its own responsibility, aiming to build a zero-carbon factory that is conducive to sustainable development. From research and development to manufacturing, every link of Kingwills™ flashspun fabric production strictly implements the concept of zero carbon and realizes efficient and comprehensive energy recovery and recycling through the internal circulation system of the five major systems.

flashspun high density polyethylene
high density polyethylene fabric

Contribute to Sustainable Development

Under the general trend of sustainable development, Kingwills™ aims to simultaneously realize mass production and green production of products:

[Zero Carbon Concept Factory]

Five internal circulation systems to achieve efficient and scientific cascade utilization of energy; 

Build a zero-carbon factory that is conducive to sustainable development.

[Recyclable Products]

Hypak™ is both an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable material that promotes sustainability.

eco-friendly waterproof material

Green Future—Kingwills™ is on the Road

In 2023, the large-scale production base of Kingwills™ Advanced Materials Industrial Park was put into operation in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, which is the first flash-spun 3,000-ton production line in China. Recently, the factory has obtained ISO 13485, 9001, 14001 and 45001 system certification!

iso certificates of hypak flashspun

ISO 13485, 9001, 14001 and 45001 system certifications correspond to medical device quality management system, quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system respectively. This approval proves that Hypak™ has production and related management activities meet the above four international standards.

kingwills flashspun sustainable material

Not only that, last year Hypak™ lightweight waterproof material passed the SGS test - RoHS, REACH two EU standards, US California Proposition 65, US FDA 21 CFR two US standards, confirming that the product is safe for human body and harmless to the environment. And a series of ISO system certifications further represent the important achievements of KIngwills™ Carbon Neutral Integrated Factory in green production.

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Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the world's most creative material technology enterprise, creating sustainable solutions for a better and happy life for people.