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Chen Boyi Accepts Jiangsu TV Interview: Aim High, Stay Grounded

On October 29, 2023, Mr. Chen Boyi, the founder and CEO of Kingwills Advanced Materials, appeared in the review for “Jiangsu Entrepreneurial and Innovative Talent Program” in Nanjing as an entrepreneur representative, and was later interviewed by Jiangsu TV, where he shared his insights and experiences.


Proprietary Supermaterial

Extraordinary Performance · Wide Applications

Kingwills Advanced Materials’s proprietary supermaterial flashspun Hypak™ has attracted much attention, since it won first place in Jiangsu Entrepreneurial and Innovative Competition in 2022.


Flashspun material are a scarce material that is highly sought-after globally; however, flash spinning technology had long been tightly controlled by a Fortune 500 company. Founded in 2014, Kingwills Advanced Materials assembled a team of top-notch material science and technology experts from around the world and made major breakthrough in flashspun material after years of dedicated independent research and development — Hypak™.


Scarce Material with Unique Benefits


Waterproof yet breathable. Lightweight yet strong. Flashspun Hypak™ combines contradictory benefits in one, making it a high commercial value-material. These extraordinary material characteristics make it the perfect material in hundreds of applications in fields including medical packaging, building & construction, protective wear, industrial innovation, and creative living.


Applications of Flashspun Hypak™ in Different Fields

Doubling Production Capacity 

Mature Technology · Expanded Production Line 

In August 2022, Kingwills Advanced Materials successfully launched the first domestic 3,000-ton commercial production line for flashspun Hypak™. Presently, the second and third production lines have also been put into operation, effectively doubling the total production capacity to 15,000 tons!


Innovative Applications Transforming the Market Landscape


This milestone signifies the maturity and stability of Kingwills Advanced Materials' flash spinning technology, highlighting the persistent demand for flashspun materials in the market. While continuously improving their technology and production processes, Kingwills Advanced Materials is actively fostering innovation in the application of flashspun materials through collaborations with upstream and downstream companies.

Material Science Changing Lives 

Aiming High · Staying Grounded

During the interview, Mr. Chen Boyi shared his experience as a participant in the "Jiangsu Entrepreneurial and Innovative Talent Program" and highlighted the significant emphasis placed by the Jiangsu Provincial Government on nurturing talent. This support has instilled a strong sense of confidence within the company, enabling it to embark on a path of high-quality development in the future. By capitalizing on the exceptional resources and industrial advantages offered by Jiangsu Province, the company is well-positioned to achieve remarkable growth and success.


Benefiting More People from Material Innovation


In his remarks, he emphasized the need to maintain a balance between Aiming high for aspiration and staying grounded in practicality. Whether it's everyday consumer items like bags and cultural products or vital industrial goods like medical equipment, automobiles, and aerospace components, Kingwills Advanced Materials is committed to enabling a wider audience to experience the remarkable changes in both the world and individuals' lives, brought about by innovations in material science and technology.

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