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Mainstream Media Are Paying Attention To Kingwills™

New material is one of the hot spots in recent years. Strong material is strong manufacturing, manufacturing is strong national strength. Recently, as a pioneer in the field of new materials, Kingwills™ has been frequently interviewed and reported by mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency, Economic Information Daily, 21st Century Business Theory, 36kr, and other financial and economic media. This means that Kingwills™ is not only the epitome of independent innovation in the industry but also provides a new model for success in the industry. We pay great attention to new materials because they are the forerunner and foundation of high-tech development, one of the key fields of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the future, and also the breakthrough of economic development. It is of great significance for the manufacturing industry to become stronger and bigger.

Break the "new" track, and Hypak™ flashspun materials first!

In Xinhua News Agency, economic information daily published in the new observation | industry output value by more than 20% compound growth new material to build a chassis manufacturing, a breathable waterproof material with Kingwills™ has "the Chinese first flash spinning production line, 3000 ton fill the blank of the domestic industry" for the opening, emphasizes the broken monopoly for the profound significance of the development of new materials in China. This paper-like , tear-resistant , and breathable flash-spinning metamaterial "Hypak™" was also introduced in detail by founder Chen Boyi.

Chen Boyi said, "As a globally scarce material, flash-spinning metamaterial has been the exclusive monopoly of its production and market by a US Top 500 company for nearly 60 years. Since its establishment in 2014, Kingwills™ has spent eight years, through a lot of repeated testing, verification and adjustment, and even the production equipment is independently designed and developed, finally breaking the monopoly and achieving a breakthrough in the whole system process of flash spinning metamaterial from microscopic principle, spinning control to post-processing." "The flash spinning metamaterial Hypak™, created by Kingwillls™, not only reaches the global advanced level but also reduces the cost. Due to its wide range of application scenarios, the demand exceeds the supply until 2024," he said proudly.

The article also mentioned that since 2012, the total annual compound growth rate of the Chinese new material industry is more than 20%, the policy support, capital power, and market demand are strong these good factors to promote the rapid development of new lightweight waterproof material, has a very considerable prospect. Therefore, breaking the "new" track and creating a new "mast" is an important way to set sail for economic development.

hypark flashspun

One of the "Ten Major Industrial Technologies" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Break the "new" track, and Hypak® flashspun materials first

Earlier, CCTV evening News Broadcast reported: the 2022 World Advanced Manufacturing Conference Kingwills™ won the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Ten major industrial technology" list of the 10 enterprises.

Under the high attention of the national mainstream media, Kingwills™ deeply rooted in the innovation gene, grasp the "new" flow code, gradually promote close cooperation with local governments, and enterprises in various fields, and help all walks of life to create high-quality, high-performance quality products. Kingwillls™ step by step as "new", moving forward steadily.

Opportunities and challenges coexist

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2023 is a crucial year for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan. "The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Raw Materials Industry" pointed out that "by 2025, the scale of the new materials industry will continue to increase, accounting for a significantly higher proportion of the raw materials industry."

In the future, driven by technology and the market, the new material industry will usher in a golden development period but also face a series of challenges such as innovation, quality, and core competitive advantages. Only by overcoming difficulties, keeping the original intention firmly, and pursuing the "new" can we truly become the "wind vane" of the industry.

Chen Boyi revealed in an interview, "Hypak™" to achieve quantity postpartum, he has a new goal in mind. Chen Boyi's first job after graduation is related to materials, and he has a special preference for materials, especially special materials. "The creation of Kingwillls™ is related to my hobby, but more from my judgment of the future trend. The development of the future world is based on the progress of basic materials. Scientific and technological innovation and material breakthrough are the general trend and also my goal."

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