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Kingwills™ Ranked 2022 Top 500 Chinese Building Materials Enterprises

In March 2023, the enterprise Development Forum hosted by China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association announced the list of "2022 Top 500 Chinese building Materials Enterprises". Through competitive strength and a strict audit process, Kingwills™ Flash Spun stands out from many enterprises in China and is awarded the title of "2022 Top 500 Chinese Building Materials Enterprises"!

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Leaders, experts, and scholars from China's building materials industry, mainstream media, and enterprise representatives all attended the event. The award was given to outstanding enterprises with innovation and sustainability in China's building materials industry, hoping to provide more new possibilities for construction through the research and development of new materials and the application of sustainable materials.


Kingwills ™

Ten years of grinding a sword accumulated achievements extraordinary

After nearly ten years of independent research and development, the company breaks through technical barriers and finally achieves mass production of flash-spinning metamaterials like Hypak™ in 2022.

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Let the building breathe

Thermal insulation performance is the core link of building energy conservation, excellent building thermal insulation structure can greatly reduce the consumption of air conditioning and other indoor energy.

Hypak™ breathable waterproof material is used in the building cladding system to protect the inner insulation layer from adverse environments such as outdoor rain and wind, so as to avoid the rapid loss of indoor temperature.

Hypak flashspun

At the same time, the breathable waterproof breathable film can discharge a small amount of water vapor trapped inside the insulation layer as gas, vapour barrier material avoiding the occurrence of aging damage such as roof rusting, wall mold and falling off caused by long-term deposition of liquid in the envelope structure.

Hypak envelopes

Green energy-saving material sector ceiling

Hypak™ is made of soft material with excellent toughness. Tear resistance, but also easy to install, and process. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and the same life span as the building. High appearance level, sustainable, 100% recyclable!

It is widely used in the building envelope structure with large temperature differences on both sides: curtain walls with building house wrap, cold storage with wall insulation vapor barrier, metal roof, light steel and wood structure, and door and window gaps.

building wrap insulation

Energy-saving building materials drive a green future

Nowadays, in the face of the new trend of green and energy-saving development, driven by a series of favorable green building policies, more building materials enterprises are moving towards the road of sustainable development.

"China's Top 500 Building Materials Enterprises" is the industry goal, but also the direction of the future, is the era of value innovation, Kingwills™ will spare no effort to carry out the continuous research and development of lightweight waterproof material, form core competitive advantage, help green sustainable development!

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