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Kingwills Advanced Materials Wins Cailian Press's

On December 14, 2023, the 6th Investment Annual Meeting of the Financial Association of 2023, sponsored by the Shanghai Press Group and hosted by the Cailian Press, opened in Shanghai. At the meeting, the "2023 Capital Market Most Valuable Leader Rankings" were announced, and Kingwills Advanced Materials won the "Annual Most Innovative Value Award" with its outstanding innovation capabilities.


2023 is a year full of challenges and transformations. A new round of technological and industrial reforms and the formation of new driving forces for China's economic growth intersect with the world, and China's economic structure is undergoing transformation. China's companies and the capital market are seeking new growth opportunities. Against this background, the selection of the "2023 Capital Market Most Valuable Leader Rankings" took several months, and through online questionnaires and offline expert committees, high-growth companies and institutions in the capital market for 2023 were selected based on detailed data, scientific standards, and a professional, scientific, and quantifiable approach.


This award highlights the recognition of the industry for the innovative capabilities of Kingwills Advanced Materials. Based on continuous innovation in proprietary technology, Kingwills Advanced Materials has continuously introduced high-performance new materials to the market. Since its establishment in 2014, Kingwills™ has focused on research and development, breaking the monopoly of flash-spun technology by foreign countries for more than half a century, and achieving independent innovation of domestically produced flash-spun super materials. In August 2022, Kingwills™'s first 3,000-ton scale production line for flash-spun super materials, Hypak™, was put into operation, and the current capacity has doubled to 15,000 tons. It has successfully solved the "bottleneck" problem faced by our country in the field of flash-spun special materials, filling the gap in special process technology in China's non-woven fabric industry.

Kingwills Advanced Materials has developed a revolutionary material, Hypak™, which seamlessly combines the contradictory qualities of being waterproof yet breathable, lightweight yet robust. Hypak™ possesses outstanding features such as antimicrobial properties, waterproofing, breathability, lightness, toughness, tear resistance, puncture resistance, dust mite resistance, and high reflectivity. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and easily adaptable to printing and various processing techniques. The Hypak™ material finds critical applications in over 70 industries, including medical packaging, energy-efficient construction, safety protection, industrial innovation, creative design, and artistic installations, earning widespread acclaim from customers.

flashspun-fabric-47740493.jpgMr. Sun Jiang, Vice Chairman of Kingwills Advanced Materials, attending the award ceremony (second from the right)

Looking ahead, Kingwills™ is committed to continuous innovation in both technology and products. The company aims to expand its production capacity, enter a phase of rapid development, and drive market dynamics across various sectors. The focus remains on channeling efforts into innovative technological research and development, with the goal of creating more high-performance and innovative materials. As founder Chen Boyi expressed, "Technological innovation is the most powerful driving force for societal progress. Kingwills Advanced Materials is dedicated to becoming the world's most creative materials technology company, daring to venture into uncharted territories with the courage to innovate and the steadfastness to bring about positive change, providing sustainable solutions for a better and happier human life."

Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the world's most creative material technology enterprise, creating sustainable solutions for a better and happy life for people.