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The Marvelous Intersection of Art and Technology! The Outdoor Exhibition Grand Opening at Shanghai Normal University


Today, Shanghai Normal University's Xuhui campus art forest welcomed an innovative event that combines technology and art. The "Form of Breath: Contemporary Art and Hypak™ Material Cross-border Works Exhibition", co-hosted by the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Shanghai Normal University, the Art Academy of Shanghai Normal University, and Kingwills Advanced Materials, kicked off in this vibrant campus.



"Breath" is the theme of this exhibition, which has a broad meaning and encompasses the essence of nature and life. It can represent the act of breathing and also the growth of sufficiency. As the first large-scale exhibition since the birth of the art forest, "The Form of Breath" awakens the art forest from its tranquility and brings vibrant vitality to the campus through art.


This exhibition brings together 9 outstanding artists from across the country, presenting 11 thought-provoking contemporary spatial art pieces. One of the highlights is the use of a new high-tech material in the exhibition – Hypak™. Developed by Kingwills Advanced Materials, Hypak™ flash-spun materials possess contradictory properties of waterproofness and breathability, lightweight yet strong. Widely applied in architectural waterproof and breathable films, medical packaging, protective clothing, industrial packaging and printing, and the consumer goods industry, this material not only offers infinite possibilities in artistic expression but also enables artists to freely express their understanding of nature, space, and life due to its lightweight, thin, and flexible characteristics.


This interdisciplinary exhibition by the School of Fine Arts at Shanghai Normal University not only achieves success on the technical front but also opens up new perspectives on art for students from various disciplines. The exhibited works combine in-depth perspectives with the material innovation of Hypak™, providing an inspiring case for the integration of art and STEM education.






Exhibition Works:



"Cactus"Artists: Ji Wen and Zhu Weibing



Lost Waystation

Artist: Gong Xinru



Meditation Space


Forgotten Fuselage



Zhang Ning


Climate No.26

Zhang Xin


"Who are you... um... I mean... ah... I'm here... um... who are you?"

Han Shaoguang


flashspun-hypak-47343900.jpg"Sea Farewell Dictionary: Faraway"

Li Chu Hui

flashspun-hypak-47343910.jpgflashspun-hypak-47343899.jpg"Half Rainbow Half Myself"

Zhou Duoren



"This is... In the Woods"

Cui Yi


The Art Forest Project is a "school forest" jointly created by Shanghai Normal University and the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai Normal University. It is located on the east side of the Xuhui campus, by the Xuesi Lake. It is a quiet place under the shade of trees and will become a specially designed campus cultural space for all students and teachers in the future. This exhibition will continue until January 15, 2024. These public art works will quietly grow and recuperate in the art forest. Welcome students, teachers, and art enthusiasts to step into the art forest and experience this feast of creativity and technology together.

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