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Medical Device Polymer Annual Conference, Meeting at the Seaside at the End of the Month

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Bright Early Summer

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Another grand event in the medical industry

2023 Polymer Medical Devices Annual Meeting -International Forum on Medical Consumables Industry Development

2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the development of the medical polymer industry, so the Medical Polymer Products Professional Committee of the China Medical Devices Industry Association will hold a "Brilliant 40 Years, Forge Ahead" themed celebration event, the "2023 Polymer Medical Device Industry Development 40th Anniversary Celebration - Industry Development Summit Forum".

This event will be held in the form of an annual meeting + forum. At that time, Kingwills™ will bring you a theme speech on medical packaging. Stay tuned!

Forum Time
May 29-June 1

Forum Venue

Weihai, Shandong Province

82 Harbour Road, Huanchui District

Block A, Weihaiwei Mansion

Expert Speech by Kingwills™
The Application of Hypak™ in Medical Packaging

May 31

The Advantages of Hypak™ in Medical Packaging


Hypak Naturally Extraordinary Medical Packaging Material

Made from 100% virgin high-density polyethylene by flash-spinning technology, it has a microfiber structure that excels in chemical stability, biocompatibility and physical properties.

Therefore, Hypak environmentally friendly waterproof material is used in medical packaging, which can meet the multiple requirements of waterproof and bacteria-resistant, breathable, tough and cleanly peelable. It is a rare "all-around player" in the medical packaging material market!

  1. Reject the invasion of "foreign enemies"

    Hypak has excellent barrier function and can effectively block various liquids, bacteria, and microorganisms. For medical packaging materials, it already has super solid "basic skills".

  2. Sterilization is more easy

    Thanks to its good air permeability, Hypak is compatible with various sterilization methods such as ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, plasma hydrogen peroxide, steam, electron beam radiation, etc., making the medical sterilization packaging more thorough and simple.

  3. Strong and fearless "ravaged"

    Hypak  Flash Spun is an extremely high-strength material, resistant to tearing, puncture, folding, and temperature differences, and it is not easy to break even if the package is sharp and irregular.

  4. Safe to use

    Kingwills™Hypak can be peeled off cleanly, and there will be no fibers and dust falling off when it is opened, and it will not affect the sterility of the device.

More Highlights from Forum


At this forum, the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice for Sterile Medical Devices" and "Guidelines for the Selection of Primary Packaging for Sterile Medical Devices" will be officially released to help you identify and choose suitable and compliant medical devices and packaging products.

In addition, there will be special topics shared by authoritative institutions and enterprises such as Peking University First Hospital, Sinopec, Huawei, etc., so stay tuned!

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