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Hypak™ Creative Market Is Now Open!

Summer News!

We have launched a Hypak™ gift retail store on three platforms: Taobao, Douyin(Tiktok), and Xiaohongshu(Little Red Book).

From now on, with just a few taps,

you can have Hypak™ products delivered straight to your home

First Series of Blockbuster Products


In-stock items, available for individual purchase

Beauty in every inch illuminates your life and changes your mood.

Lightweight, portable, and versatile

Hypak™ new sustainable packaging materials are lighter than paper and brings an unparalleled sense of lightness. It can be carried with you, and its rechargeable battery eliminates the need to search for a power outlet constantly.  It can be used anytime, anywhere: as a bedside lamp at night, an outdoor camping light, an ambient decorative light, and more. A variety of application scenarios to be unlocked!


Traditional lantern texture restored

The lampshade is made of the technologically advanced Hypak™ Flash Spun, replacing traditional materials. It resembles paper but is not paper, radiating gentle and non-dazzling light. It also features a retro texture and a delicate touch that sets it apart.


Aesthetics and performance

Thanks to the outstanding printing and durability of Hypak™ environmentally friendly waterproof material, the decorative patterns on the lamps are fine and the colors remain vivid for a long time without fading. The lamps are not only exquisitely designed but also durable: Hypak™ is tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and can withstand temperature variations, making it sturdy and durable. It's a perfect choice for both gifting and collecting.


Pocket Lamp - Lightweight and Portable

With a twist and a fold,

in three seconds it fits into your pocket,

anytime, anywhere.



Handheld Lamp - Versatile in Appearance

Change appearance as you wish,

One lamp, multiple possibilities.

Add elegance wherever you go.



Folding Fan Lamp - Exquisite and Elegant

Innovative design inspired by folding fans,

a blend of tradition and modern craftsmanship.

Perfect for decorating any corner with a touch of style.


Online opening on three platforms,

search for "Hypak™ Creative Market" on Taobao, Douyin(Tiktok), and Xiaohongshu(Little Red Book).

Grab yourself some treasure now!

(Currently, we only support shipping within mainland China.)

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