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Leaders of China Textile Association and Middle Class Association Visit Kingwills™, Multi-dimensional Integration and Win-win!

On March 15, Mr. Li Lingshen, Vice President of China National Textile Industry Council, Ms. Li Guimei, President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, and Mr. Ji Jianbing, Vice President, Mr. Wang Kangli, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Mr. Cao Yanhui, deputy Director of the Management Committee, Mr. Yang Guangming, director of Shanghai Merchants Bureau, and others visited Jiangsu Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Kingwills™) for investigation and guidance. Mr. Chen Boyi, founder and CEO of Kingwills™, and Mr. Sun Jiang, senior Vice president of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone, accompanied them for the reception.


Mr. Chen warmly welcomed the leaders of the China Textile Association and China Middle-Class Association and invited them to visit Kingwills™ Innovation Experience Center and production workshop. Subsequently, both sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues related to the development of the new materials industry.



At the meeting, Mr. Chen Boyi introduced the construction and production of Qingyun Industrial Park in detail. He said flash spinning is a rare material in the world, and only one US Fortune 500 company has mastered the technology and realized mass production. As one of the top ten demand projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Kingwills™ has a stable scale production capacity of flash spinning metamaterials, and its product Hypark™ material has been widely used in the market and is well recognized by customers.


The leaders of the development zone spoke highly of the Kingwills™ project. Since the construction of Qingyun Nantong Industrial Park, the development is changing with each passing day. The first large-scale production line will be put into operation in 2022, which fully reflects the development level of Kingwills™ R&D and production technology. The development area will continue to pay attention to the follow-up production line construction work of Kingwills™ and will strengthen the support for the construction of Kingwills™ Industrial Park as always.

Hypak flashspun

Li Lingshen, vice president of the China Textile Association, said that flash-spinning high-performance industrial textiles are widely used and have high market value, which is an important embodiment of national scientific and technological strength, as well as an important strategic support for economic development. It is expected that Kingwills™ can play into the platform and resource advantages of the Yangtze River Delta, further improve and strengthen, and enhance the competitiveness of domestic new materials.


Li Guimei, President of China Middle-Class Association, congratulated on the development achievement of Kingwills™ and said that the large-scale production of Kingwills™ sparkling super spinning material Hypark™ reflects the independent innovation ability of domestic new materials, and will strengthen the communication and cooperation with Kingwills™ in the future to help Kingwills™ achieve a higher level and better development.


Mr. Chen Boyi said: Kingwills™ attaches great importance to technological innovation, and will rely on the existing technology platform and resources to further promote the development and production of more new material products. At the same time, he also expects to strengthen cooperation with China Textile Association, China Middle-Class Association, and more upstream and downstream enterprises to jointly promote the development of the industrial textile industry towards higher quality.

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