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Government Leaders Of Nantong Development Zone Visited Kingwills™ Industrial Park

On October 24, the leaders of the Management Committee of the Party Working Committee of Nantong Development Zone visited Kingwills Advanced Materials for inspection and guidance.

Kingwills™ founder and CEO Eric Chen and Libo Xu (COO) accompanied and introduced the construction progress and production st

atus of the Kingwills™ carbon-neutral integrated factory.

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The government leaders of the development zone visited the company's production R&D center, innovation and exploration center, and learned about Kingwills innovation in flash spun technology, efforts to achieve zero carbon goals, specific applications of Hypark™ materials and excellent product performance.

Eric Chen said that Hypark™ combines the advantages of paper, fabric and film with the following characteristics:

  • Light weight · Tear resistant

  • Waterproof · Dustproof · Antibacterial · Breathable

  • Non-toxic and tasteless · Clean peel

  • Durable · Recyclable

  • Easy to process & print

Hypark™ has a huge market space in the fields of "Building Envelopes", "Healthcare Packaging", "Protective Apparel ", "Industrial Innovation", and "Creative Life" around the world.

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The government leaders of the development zone recognized the technological innovation represented by Hypark™ and the entrepreneurial spirit of breaking through the technological monopoly of foreign companies. They praised Kingwills™ for adhering to the development concept of "innovation-driven, creating a new market pattern", and affirmed the company's strong development momentum.

The establishment of Kingwills Advanced Materials Carbon Neutral Integrated Factory has achieved a new breakthrough in the localization of flashspun supermaterials.
In the future, enterprises should further increase technological innovation, enhance core competitiveness, continuously strengthen technology, improve products, expand the market, and provide excellent services.

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Eric Chen, the founder and CEO of Kingwills Advanced Materials, said that Kingwills™ will take care of leaders at all levels as the driving force to further increase the technological innovation of new materials based on "flashspun + nanofibers". Kingwills™ will strive to continuously improve the domestic new material technology level with high-quality products and advanced technology, and shape a new ecology of the new material industry.

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