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2023 INDEX | International Super Material New Star, Shines on Stage!

In 2023, at the Swiss International Nonwovens Exhibition INDEX, Hypak will make an appearance.

swiss international nonwovens exhibition index

As the world's largest nonwoven professional exhibition,

the Swiss International Nonwovens Exhibition INDEX

is set to take place in beautiful Geneva in April.

We look forward to meeting you there!

international nonwovens exhibition index

The Swiss International Nonwovens Exhibition INDEX is organized by the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) and is the largest of the three major nonwoven professional exhibitions in the world. The exhibition will welcome more than 220 member companies from 31 countries and regions, bringing together finished products, equipment, new technology applications of breathable waterproof material like flashspun fabric, nonwoven research institutes, traders, and distributors from the global nonwoven industry. It is the most important exhibition platform for the direction and technological development of the nonwoven market.

Kingwills™ will participate in this year's INDEX exhibition and present our independently developed supermaterial, Hypak™ to industry professionals from around the world on this international stage.

Swiss International Nonwovens Exhibition INDEX

Date: April 18-21

Venue: Palexpo International Expo Center, Geneva, Switzerland

Booth: Hall 4, Booth 4302

palexpo international expo center geneva switzerland


Hypak™: Independent Innovation, International Standing

Flash evaporation spun supermaterials are a globally scarce material. After ten years of breaking through technological barriers, Kingwills™ has independently developed Hypak™, which is now in mass production and has a sales network covering the globe!

Hypak™ is like paper, light and thin, and also soft like cloth. It is waterproof, breathable, antibacterial, high-strength, recyclable, and has powerful pliability and expansion space. It can be widely applied in five major fields: medical packaging(medical suit material and medical packaging materials), building energy conservation, safety protection, industrial innovation, and creative living.

Flashspun Hypak™ With Healthcare Packaging

flashspun hypak with healthcare packaging

Various disposable medical sterilization packages made from Hypak™ ensure that medical instruments maintain sterility and integrity before use, providing patients with a safer and more effective treatment environment.

Flashspun Hypak™ With Building Envelopes

flashspun hypak with building envelopes

Weather smart building wrap is widely used in building curtain walls, metal roofs/tile roofs, cold storage floors, and zero-energy buildings, helping to improve indoor environmental comfort and reduce building energy consumption levels.

Flashspun Hypak™ With Protective Apparel

flashspun hypak with protective apparel

It can also be used in a variety of safety protection clothing, striking a balance between protection and comfort, providing both safety and softness.

Flashspun Hypak™ With Industrial Innovation

flashspun hypak with industrial innovation

Innovative packaging materials are sturdy, durable, waterproof, and breathable, and is widely used in industrial packaging/logistics transportation/automobile protection/reflective film/identification printing and other industrial applications.

Flashspun Hypak™ With Creative Life

flashspun hypak with creative life

It has a strong ability to express color and patterns, new sustainable packaging materials are compatible with many processing methods, and has extraordinary texture. It is widely used in fashion, creative home, outdoor products, cultural and creative gifts, and artistic installations, appearing in people's daily lives with unlimited possibilities.

We look forward to meeting friends in Switzerland at the exhibition and learning more about this amazing material together. If you are interested in attending the exhibition, please click on the button below to visit the INDEX official website for registration. You can also contact us to obtain a free entry invitation code.

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