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Introduction To Polyethylene Fibre

Polyethylene fiber (ethylene fiber) refers to the fiber materials produced by polyethylene by the melt spinning method, including staple fiber and filament. The mechanical strength of this fiber can be adjusted by spinning process parameters, and the wet strength and elongation are the same as the dry state. Polyethylene fiber has high strength and low density. Good insulation and other advantages, but low thermal carrying capacity and cold creep limit its application, mainly used in the production of various industrial textiles, especially filter material, tarpaulin, and mesh belt products. Polyethylene (PE) is the most commonly used plastic polymer in the world, with an annual consumption rate of more than 50 billion pounds per year. Over 70% of Porex products use polyethylene-breathable waterproof material.

Characteristics of polyethylene fiber

(1) Fiber strength and elongation are close to that of polypropylene fiber

(2) The moisture absorption capacity is similar to that of polypropylene, and the moisture recovery rate is 0 under normal atmospheric conditions.

(3) With relatively stable chemical properties, good chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance.

(4) The heat resistance is poor, but the humidity and heat resistance are good.

(5) Good electrical insulation.

(6) It has good anti-slip properties and certain viscosity.

(7) High strength, strong tear resistance, not easy to damage.

(8) Low density, light, convenient and easy to use.

The recycled polyethylene non-woven fabric prepared by the flash evaporation method is composed of microfibers bonded and stacked. Its maximum tensile breaking strength is 233 N/5 cm, maximum breaking elongation is 77%, and it has good air permeability, hydrostatic resistance, printing and dyeing property and barrier property. The prepared recycled polyethylene non-woven fabric has good comprehensive properties, realizes the goal of enabling value-added of recycled polyethylene, a kind of environmentally friendly waterproof material conforms to the concept of sustainable development, and has broad market prospects.

Application of polyethylene fiber

(1) Because of its low price and high strength, not easy to tear, has strong skid resistance, daily application in the manufacture of rope, anti-cutting fabric, filter cloth, packaging cloth, etc.

(2) Because of its low density and good humidity and heat resistance, it is often used in the manufacture of bulletproof clothing and bulletproof products, cables and fishing nets.

(3) Because of its stable chemical properties, good chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, it is often used in medical packaging, both safe and portable.

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