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The Dazzling Debut of Kingwills Advanced Materials at the 2023 Medtec Medical Event

From December 12th to 13th, 2023, the Medtec Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Exhibition was held at the Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center. This exhibition brought together global medical device manufacturing companies and experts. Kingwills Advanced Materials, as a leading domestic supplier of new materials, participated in this grand event and showcased its independently developed flashspun material - Hypak™.


Mr. Liu Shiliang,  General Manager of the Medical Business Division, China Region, at Kingwills Advanced Materials

Hypak™ is a high-performance medical device packaging material with excellent bacterial resistance, waterproofing, breathability, durability, no debris, and clean peeling capabilities. This material not only effectively blocks microorganisms and other harmful substances, but also provides strong physical protection. At the same time, Hypak™ also has biocompatibility and ensures that medical products after sterilization remain sterile throughout the shelf life.


Mr. Liu Shiliang shared the latest progress of Hypak™ in the field of medical packaging at the Innovation Materials Forum. This year, Kingwills Advanced Materials has made significant breakthroughs in production capacity and completed product upgrades and optimizations. This breakthrough is another milestone in Kingwills Advanced Materials commitment to promoting innovation and development in the medical packaging industry! Mr. Liu Shiliang stated that Kingwills Advanced Materials will continue to focus on researching and developing more innovative packaging solutions to meet the growing demand of the medical market. They will continue to monitor the development trends of the medical industry and innovate in technology, materials, and design to provide more efficient and safe packaging solutions for the medical industry.



The sharing of Kingwills Advanced Materials at the Innovation Materials Forum has been highly praised by industry experts and audiences. In the future, Kingwills Advanced Materials will continue to focus on the innovation and development of the medical packaging field and contribute to the sustainable development of the medical industry.


Medical devices are an important part of modern medicine and play a significant role in improving the level of medical services, and medical device packaging materials are an important guarantee for sterile medical device quality and safety. The emergence of Hypak™ not only provides optimized production solutions for downstream medical packaging companies but also helps reduce production costs.

Kingwills Advanced Materials has always been committed to the research and application of new materials, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "safety, innovation, focus, and customer-first," and constantly promoting the development of the new materials industry. By participating in the Medtec Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Exhibition, Kingwills Advanced Materials showcased their innovative achievements to experts in various fields in the industry and deepened cooperation and communication with the medical industry, making a positive contribution to the development of the medical device industry.


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