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Founder of Kingwills™, Chen Boyi, Elected as Director of Zhejiang University Alumni Association


Chen Boyi, the founder of Kingwills™ Advanced Materials, was elected as a member of the Zhejiang University alumni association.

Recently, the sixth alumni representative conference and the first meeting of the sixth council of the Zhejiang University Alumni Association were held in the Zijingang Theater. Chen Boyi, the founder and chairman of Kingwills™ Advanced Materials, attended the meeting and joined alumni representatives from all over the world to celebrate the 126th anniversary of their alma mater. During the meeting, Chen Boyi was successfully elected as a member of the Zhejiang University Alumni Association.


Chen Boyi (second from the right)

Welcoming the 126th anniversary of our alma mater

Drawing a blueprint for the reform and development of our alma mater

Zhejiang University alumni aim to serve the alumni, school, and society.

It is understood that the Zhejiang University Alumni Association brought together more than 500 representatives of alumni from 17 countries and regions around the world to attend the conference. At the meeting, Ren Shaobo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University and Du Jiangfeng, President of Zhejiang University delivered speeches respectively. Vice President He Lianzhen presided over the meeting and Vice President Huang Xianhai delivered a report on the work of the 5th Council of the Alumni Association. A congratulatory letter was sent by alumni Lu Yongxiang and Li Zhengdao. Ren Shaobo pointed out that the nearly 700,000 alumni worldwide are the greatest achievement of Zhejiang University. In its 126-year history of operation, the alumni of Zhejiang University have emerged from a large number of outstanding scientists, cultural masters and elites from all walks of life.

The people of Zhejiang University, who are constantly making progress, take the world as their own responsibility and take the truth as the foundation.

It is understood that Chen Boyi graduated from Zhejiang University in 2006, majoring in chemical engineering and biotechnology at the School of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Chu Kochen Honors College. This experience laid the initial foundation for his future entrepreneurial career. After years of social experience, he eventually became the "spark" of new material innovation. 

In 2014, he founded Kingwills™ Advanced Materials and aimed to become the most creative new materials company. After nearly 10 years of focusing on research and development on breathable waterproof material, the company successfully commercialized production in 2022. Recently, Kingwills™ announced the completion of a super-billion yuan B-round investment, making it a star new materials company that integrates national-level new materials funds, local state-owned assets, top financial funds, and industrial customers.


Chen Boyi is grateful for the education he received at his alma mater and has expressed his commitment to closely collaborate with more Zhejiang University alumni. They aim to leverage the role model of alumni and their resource advantages, as well as contribute to the cultivation of top innovative talents. Furthermore, they aspire to promote the construction of a world-class university and outstanding disciplines, and help China achieve self-innovation in advanced scarce materials.

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