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Latest Industry Insight Report: Can New Energy Industry Revolution Promote the Upgrading of New Materials Industry?

Recently, PwC released a research report on the domestic new materials industry, which pointed out:


The energy revolution is promoting the upgrading of the new materials industry, and the global development and utilization scale is constantly expanding, making the industry's development prospects exciting;

Green and environmental protection is one of the core directions of the "dual carbon" strategy. New green materials will gradually replace traditional materials in application fields and become a growth highlight of the industry in the future.

The energy revolution promotes the upgrading of the new materials industry

China officially pledged to "strive to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060" in 2020. The downstream of new energy represented by wind power, photovoltaics, hydrogen energy, electric vehicles, and energy storage batteries have successively achieved technological breakthroughs, and the application cost has rapidly decreased, and the global development and utilization scale is constantly expanding. Driven by this, upstream materials are also moving with it, making the industry's development prospects exciting.

The four development stages of new materials industry

The research report defines the maturity of the industry based on two dimensions of enterprise production capacity and technical level, and divides each subcategory of new materials into four development stages.

Currently, Kingwills™ has entered the middle of its growth stage and has a mature mass production line and sales network. The technical threshold of flash-spun is extremely high for scarce materials. After nearly ten years of research and development, Kingwills™ has independently completed the leap from 0 to 1 in formulation, process and equipment; it is now in mass production and is the first company in China to have a flash-spun 3000-ton production line, changing the global market pattern.

New green materials are the new growth highlights of the industry

Recyclable and sustainable green new materials are highly consistent with the "dual carbon" development goal. Hypak™ is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly!

Hypak™ is the "New New Material" of our time

New materials are the pioneers of our time

We are keenly aware of the unique needs of the changing times and open up more possibilities for all industries with our forward-looking vision and versatile approach.

New applications

Hypak™, with its creativity, breaks through the limits of all industries.

The leader in medical packaging

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Making buildings "breathe"

Architectural curtain wallMetal/Tile Roofing
Cold storage floorsZero Energy Buildings

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Protective Apparel

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A more ideal industrial solution

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Light up every corner of your life

Fashion wear: bags, clothing and wristbands





Creative Homes:

lighting, sofa seating,shelves, storage bags, planters


Tents, moisture mats, athletes' number plates


Cultural and Creative Gifts:

Envelopes, gift wrapping, books, calendars, toys, umbrellas

Art installation:

Artistic design/backdrops

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