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Shining Drupa 2024: Hypak™️ Special Art Exhibition Ongoing


At the highly anticipated Drupa 2024 exhibition in the global printing industry, the booth of Kingwills Advanced Materials (Hall 3 G57) has truly become an "art gallery." The booth has been bustling with visitors, all eager to experience the unique charm of Hypak™. 


Hypak™ material, as an excellent printing medium, has quickly gained significant attention and recognition in the printing market due to its superior basic performance and extensive deep processing adaptability.

In the fields of industrial and consumer goods printing, Hypak™ material demonstrates unparalleled application prospects due to its outstanding waterproof breathability, lightweight high strength, and excellent printing effects. From books, packaging, paintings to advertisements, wristbands, labels, number plates, and crafts, Hypak™ excels in various fields, leaving people in awe.


At this year's Drupa exhibition, oil paintings printed on Hypak™ material are particularly eye-catching. These paintings displayed at the booth have attracted a large audience with their three-dimensional printing effects and realistic visual presentation. Many visitors couldn't resist reaching out to touch and feel the delicate texture and realism up close. Under the lighting, the unique texture of Hypak™ material adds a distinct visual effect to the exhibits, as if bringing the ancient paintings to new life.


Besides the oil paintings, the excellent performance of Hypak™ material on various printing machines is also noteworthy. Whether in packaging, labels, or the field of commercial consumer goods, Hypak™ material can achieve efficient production and outstanding color performance. This not only meets the industry's demand for high-quality printing but also provides more possibilities for the future development of printing technology.



Drupa 2024, the Olympic event of the printing industry, will remain open until June 7th. Kingwills Advanced Materials booth (Hall 3 G57) continues to operate, warmly welcoming new and old customers to visit!

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