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Where Do The Bright Cherries Come From?


The "magic" fruit nobleman of the realm

Make cherries free

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Where do cherries get their color?

The key is planting techniques with lightweight waterproof material, especially agricultural mulch, which is spread over the soil to reflect sunlight better, allowing the fruit to "grow" better and naturally take on brighter colors.

Kingwills™Hypak™ diffuse reflection + toss resistant

In addition to helping fruits and vegetables turn color, the agriculture mulching sheet also needs to be waterproof and breathable to withstand the "twists and turns" of various environments. Few agricultural mulching film materials can take all into account like Hypak™ breathable waterproof material!

As a "film", the material structure of Hypak™ is very different -- the multi-layer grid structure made of microfine polyethylene fibers allows light to be reflected from different angles, and this excellent diffuse reflection is very important for the color transformation of fruit; And because the aperture is small, it can ensure certain air permeability while waterproof; Tear resistance and corrosion resistance make agricultural mulch more durable.

silver reflective mulch

An orchard laid with Hypark™ agricultural mulch

# 01

Make fruit and vegetable appearance levels higher

In the planting process of fruits and vegetables, some of them are easy to cause uneven coloring due to uneven lighting, and the appearance will be discounted. However, the Hypak™ enables the lower fruits to get full light through its excellent diffuse light, and the overall "appearance level" of nature is higher!

agriculture mulching sheet

# 02

Make fruits and vegetables YUMMY

By improving light conditions and lengthening photosynthesis, in addition to improving the "appearance level," it can also lead to higher sugar content. Data showed that the sugar content of grapes increased by 1-1.5 degrees on average after adopting Hypak™ agricultural mulching film!

silver reflective mulch

# 03

Get fruits and vegetables to market faster

Temperature and light have great influence on the market time of fruits and vegetables. The water-resistant and breathable properties of Hypak™ agricultural mulch can stabilize soil temperature, reduce water evaporation, avoid fertilizer loss caused by sun and rain, and improve the utilization of light energy through diffuse reflection, thus making fruits and vegetables turn color earlier and pick earlier.

silver reflective mulch

Good-looking and delicious fruits and vegetables must have extraordinary "origin". Kingwills Hypak™ Agricultural mulch improves soil, equalizing light, avoiding water and nutrient loss, and providing a better-growing environment for fruits and vegetables.

Special period, eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamin C, the body's immune "army" especially needs everyone's encouragement and recharge oh!

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