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Kingwills™ Hypak™ Won The First Prize in the Finals Of Jiangsu Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

CEO Eric Chen won the First prize of the China Jiangsu Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


On December 16th, the finals of the 10th China Jiangsu Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ended successfully in Tongzhou District, Nantong City. Eric Chen, founder and chairman of Kingwills™, went through four rounds of competition among districts, cities, and provinces with "Hypak™ Special New Material Project", and stood out from 3,217 entries in the province, winning the first prize in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, with a far ahead score!


China Jiangsu Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the largest and highest-standard "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" competition in Jiangsu Province. There are two groups in the competition: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and List-breaking Competition. The entries cover semiconductors, artificial intelligence, light weight waterproof material, biomedicine and intelligent manufacturing. In this competition, there are 3,217 outstanding events competing through the selection and recommendation of counties (cities) and districts, the evaluation of the preliminary competition in the city, and the final competition with two steps: group competition and roadshow competition. Since the entry of "Hypark™ Special New Material Project", with its unique industrial characteristics and key achievements, it has attracted wide attention from judges and won a lot of praise.


Hypark™ is a new material made by flash spun process independently developed by Kingwills™, flashspun fabric has many excellent characteristics, such as being waterproof, breathable, lightweight, tough, tear resistant, puncture resistant, anti-aging, bacteria resistant, mite resistance, dust proof, high reflectivity, ultraviolet resistance, easy printing, applicability to various processing technologies, environmentally friendly and recycling, etc. It is widely used in high-end applications of non-woven fabrics and specialty paper, with a market prospect of nearly 100 billion yuan. This product integrates the chemical industry, polymer materials, mechanical automation, textile, and environmental protection etc. It is a product of cross-field cooperation, a technology-intensive product, and has been in an exclusive monopoly state abroad for a long time.

Best Waterproof House Wrap

Since 2014, Eric Chen has led the team to uphold the spirit of daring to think and do, and bravely climb the peak of science and technology. Through years of independent technology research and development, it has successfully achieved a breakthrough in the core technology of flash spun and launched the flash spun material — Hypak. The emergence of Hypark™ has ended the exclusive monopoly of the foreign Fortune 500 company on flash spun for nearly 60 years, successfully solved the "bottleneck" faced by China in the field of flash spun, and filled the gap of special technology in China's nonwovens industry. At present, Kingwills™ Carbon Neutralization Integrated Factory has successfully come into operation in Nantong, achieving the large-scale mass production of Hypark™, and providing a solid guarantee for promoting the localization of flash spun. In addition, by reference to the main patents abroad, Kingwills™ team has improved the key processes to achieve more stable product performance.


Eric Chen is being interviewed by Jiangsu TV Station

At the award ceremony of the finals on December 16th, Eric Chen received the honorable certificate representing Kingwills™ scientific and technological strength from Zhang Tong, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and he said, "Scientific and technological innovation is the strongest driving force to promote social progress. Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the most creative material technology enterprise in the world, eager to explore new things and solve difficulties, which provides sustainable solutions for a better and happy life of mankind with courage and perseverance."

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Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the world's most creative material technology enterprise, creating sustainable solutions for a better and happy life for people.