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Reported by Nantong Radio and Television Station and Nantong Daily

Earlier, CCTV News network broadcast: "2022 World Advanced Manufacturing Conference, Kingwills Advanced Materials was awarded one of the 10 listed companies in the ‘Top Ten Major Industrial Technologies’ by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.”

Since it settled in Nantong Development Zone at the end of last year, Kingwills Advanced Materials has become very representative of local innovation and investment attracting growth of scientific and technological innovation projects. Today, under CCTV's "authentication", Kingwills™ has also been widely concerned by the media in Nantong.

Recently, Nantong official media specially invited Kingwills™ to conduct an in-depth interview: "From the research and development of flash spinning metamaterial and successful domestic mass production to the strategic planning of the overall relocation of the enterprise Nantong Development zone", to the vast number of readers and viewers revealed the enterprise's technological innovation and development journey.

Kingwills™ lightweight waterproof material after many years of technological research, broke the United States of flash spun technology for more than 50 years of monopoly, successfully realized the localization of flash spinning metamaterials, so drive the development of the domestic downstream industry, getting rid of the dependence on imported products.

Hypark™, a breathable waterproof material produced by Kingwills™ with flashspun technology, is a special fiber that can be widely used in building envelopes-vapour barrier material, protective apparel, healthcare packaging-medical packaging materials, industrial innovation, and other consumer goods fields.

Exterior Home Wrap

The characteristics of the products produced by flash spun technology are between non-woven fabrics, paper and films. Solid and liquid molecules cannot penetrate, but gas molecules can. At the same time, it is light and soft but extremely strong. These seemingly contradictory characteristics allow it to have a wide range of application scenarios.

——CEO Eric Chen


The interview mentioned the following:

Green Building Wrap

In 2014, Kingwills Advanced Materials was established in Shanghai, and gradually realized small batch production and pilot scale production from the initial research and development.

Green Guard Building Wrap

Later, the company decided to relocate due to its high optimism about the strategic nature, and willingness to cooperate and support policies of the Nantong Development Zone government.

After the Spring Festival this year, Kingwills Advanced Materials Nantong Industrial Park officially started construction; A few days ago, the first large-scale production line has started mass production.

"We achieved mass production for the first time nine months ahead of schedule."

——Eric Chen

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