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Kingwills™ Won The Top Prize In Nantong

On January 31, Nantong held a science and technology talent development conference. Wu Xinming, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee and mayor, Huang Weidong, chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Zhuang Zhongqiu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and Deputy secretary of the Party Group, Shen Lei, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee, attended the meeting.

The conference mobilized the whole city to work together to implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and strengthening the city with scientific and technological talents, and accelerate the construction of a higher-level national innovative city and a talent highland in the northern wing of the Yangtze River Delta. At the meeting, the commendation notice was read out, and the leading guests presented awards to the winning representatives of "Provincial Unicorn Enterprises" and "the 10th Jiangsu Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Award-winning Talent Project". Mr. Chen Boyi, founder and CEO of Kingwills™ Hypark™, was honored by Nantong City Leadership Notice as the first winner of the 2022 Jiangsu "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Competition.

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Mr. Chan Po-yi at the Award Presentation Ceremony (sixth from right, front row)

China Jiangsu Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the largest and highest-standard "mass entrepreneurship" competition in Jiangsu Province. The competition consists of two groups: innovation and entrepreneurship competition and unveiling competition. The participating projects cover semiconductors, artificial intelligence, lightweight waterproof material, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. The competition was selected and recommended by counties (cities) and districts, and reviewed in the preliminary round of the city. There were two stages of the final round, namely the sectional competition and the road show competition, with a total of 3217 outstanding projects competing on the stage.

Mr. Chen Boyi, founder and chairman of Jiangsu Hypark™ New Material Co., LTD., stood out from 3217 participating projects in the province with his "Hypark™ Special New Material Project" after four rounds of regional, municipal and provincial competitions, and won the first prize in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, with the score far ahead! Since the competition, the "Hypark™ Special New Material Project", with its unique industrial characteristics and key achievements, Hypark™ breathable waterproof material has attracted wide attention from the judges and won a lot of praise.



At the Nantong Science and Technology Talent Development Conference, entrusted by Wang Hui, Party Secretary, Wu Xinming, Deputy Party secretary and mayor, put forward requirements on science and technology and talent work of the city. Wu Xinming emphasized in his speech the importance of Juri focusing on the integration of production and innovation, expanding the echelon of science and technology enterprises, and improving the ability of independent innovation. As an enterprise that adheres to innovation leadership and technology innovation-driven development, Kingwills™ Hypark™ will make full use of Nantong's resource advantages, give full play to the advantages of enterprise platform resources, continue to promote independent innovation, further expand the advantage of scientific and technological innovation, and realize the development of enterprises with talents and strong technology!

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