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Common Development To Win The Future! Shanghai Kingwills Hypark™ Has Reached a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On January 28, the first working day of the New Year of the Rabbit, 'Promote investment, stabilize growth, promote high-quality development' -2023 Yangpu District major projects, major project signing conference, and Binjiang Entrepreneurship Center groundbreaking ceremony were held in Binjiang. As an innovator in the field of scarce materials, Shanghai Kingwills™ has established a long-term, comprehensive, and in-depth strategic partnership with the Yangpu District of Shanghai. In the future, Shanghai Kingwills will jointly promote regional economic and social development in the aspects of industrial development radiation, resource talent gathering and attracting, and scientific and technological innovation ability improvement.

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Mr. Chen Boyi (second from right) at the signing ceremony

10 billion investment to enable regional development and open a new chapter of cooperation

On the day of the meeting, Xue Kan, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and mayor of Yangpu District announced the start of this major project, Yangpu Binjiang Talent Center. Zhou Haiying, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, presided over the ceremony, Pei Xiao, deputy director of the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, executive deputy director of the Municipal Major Office, Wang Dong, director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center, and District leaders Ni Bing, Xu Jianhua, Dong Haiming, Shi Fang, Wang Hao, Wu Lei, Yu Yang, Gu Dengmei attended the ceremony. Mr. Chen Boyi, founder and CEO of Kingwills™, attended the ceremony and signed the strategic cooperation agreement.

It is reported that these major projects in Yangpu District were signed and started, involving a total investment of about 50 billion yuan, the site signed and online cloud signed a total of 25 major projects, including new materials, new energy, a new generation of information technology and other eight industries, a total investment of about 20 billion yuan. A number of high-quality enterprises in the real economy and strategic emerging industries will settle in Yangpu.

Develop vigorously and deepen global cooperation on the basis of innovation and science and technology

Kingwills™ , eco friendly material manufacturers specializing in the research and development, production and technical services of new materials technology, flashspun fabric covering construction, medical, new energy, semiconductor and other industries. After years of independent technology research and development to "overcome difficulties", its flash-spinning metamaterials Kingwills™ Hypark™ have been successfully launched and mass-produced, breaking the "only in the world" monopoly of American Top 500, bringing innovation for scarce new materials and seizing the initiative of future industry development. At present, it has been widely used in medical packaging, building envelope-vapour barrier material, security protection, industrial and terminal consumer goods and other fields, and the channel is oriented to the world.

flashspun fabric

Mr. Chen Boyi, founder and CEO, said, "Kingwills™ is committed to becoming the most creative material technology enterprise, always holding the enterprise spirit of 'value creation, focus on innovation', gathering the top scientific and technological talents in the new material industry, determined to use new materials to enable people to live a happy life. By taking advantage of Yangpu District's resource endowment, this strategic cooperation will give full play to Kingwills™'s platform resource advantages and help promote the regional economy to achieve high-quality development, in order to further promote the development of China's special new materials industry, and promote China's new materials industry to the middle and high end of the global value chain, with international competitiveness."

The future is not only this, with a dedicated team, innovative science, and technology, Kingwills™ will create more cutting-edge, forward-looking, competitive advanced materials, enabling all industries and fields, deep integration, win-win future.

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