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Leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission Research on Scientific and Technological Innovation, and Visit Kingwills Advanced Materials

On March 7th, Director Luo Dajin of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission led a delegation to conduct in-depth research on technology companies and incubation carriers. This research focused particularly on Kingwills Advanced Materials and its independently developed revolutionary product, Hypak™, which has received high attention and praise from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission due to its unique technological advantages and wide application potential.


During this visit, Director Luo Dajin and his delegation visited the Shanghai Institute of Innovation and Creative Design to learn about the operation of the "Industry Salon" and to gain a deeper understanding of the institute's efforts and achievements in promoting the integration of innovation applications and design. Subsequently, they moved to the Kingwills Advanced Materials studio to personally experience the unique charm and infinite potential of Hypak™.


Image: Director Luo Dajin of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission listening to a presentation on Hypak™ by Mr. Sun Jiang, Vice Chairman of Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd..

Inside the Kingwills Advanced Materials studio, Director Luo Dajin inquired in detail about the research and development process, technical characteristics, and market applications of Hypak™. Mr. Sun Jiang, Vice Chairman of Kingwills Advanced Materials, elaborated on the outstanding performance of Hypak™ in terms of strength, bacterial resistance, weather resistance, as well as its wide application prospects in medical packaging, building energy conservation, safety protection, and other fields. Director Luo Dajin highly praised the innovative achievements of Kingwills Advanced Materials in the field of new materials, and encouraged the company to continue increasing research and development investment to promote the industrialization process of  Hypak™ materials.



Director Luo Dajin emphasized that technological innovation is an important driving force for economic and social development. As an important aspect of technological innovation, the field of new materials has vast market prospects and enormous development potential. He encouraged Kingwills Advanced Materials to seize the current good opportunity of technological innovation, strengthen cooperation and exchanges within the industry, continuously enhance research and development capabilities, and improve market competitiveness.

This research activity not only strengthened the connection between Kingwills Advanced Materials and the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, opening up new ideas and directions for the company's future development, but also demonstrated the important role of technological innovation in driving industrial development. Kingwills Advanced Materials will continue to increase its efforts in technological innovation, enhance research and development capabilities and market competitiveness, and contribute to the development of the new materials industry.



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