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Hypak™ Collaborates with Shanghai Normal University's School of Fine Arts to Create Art Forest Graduation Exhibition

We have always believed that good design can change lives. Hypak™ has always been committed to cross-border collaboration with designers from all walks of life, using creativity to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Recently, Hypak™ collaborated with Shanghai Normal University and the Academy of Fine Arts to co-create a graduation design, exploring supermaterials and the diversity of individual identity, and jointly held an offline art forest exhibition "Rest".

This exhibition has not only received enthusiastic support from teachers and students within the school, but has also become a hot topic in the recent art life of the city, attracting many visitors from outside the school!

Co-creative design works

Work: Sleep without anxiety by using a high pillow?

Designer: Wei Lihua

Utilizing a dramatic sculptural installation with a contrasting expression to the phenomenon and meaning of the idiom "sleep without any anxiety", it raises reflection on oneself and society.

The main feature of Hypak™ is its waterproof function, making it suitable for outdoor use and capable of withstanding potential damage caused by uncertain weather conditions. Compared to ordinary paper, Hypak™ environmentally friendly waterproof material is more durable and less prone to wear and tear. By crumpling and rubbing it, you can create some textures that add a unique artistic dimension to your artwork.

Artwork: Waiting for "Godot"

Designer: Huang Xiaohuan

The white sofa symbolizes the purity and innocence of children.

The vastness of the sofa contrasts with the small body,

expressing the sense of loneliness in children.

Hypak™ Flash spun provides a waterproof effect and enhances the artistry of the sofa, creating a serene and peaceful beauty between a sofa wrapped in kneaded material and a sculpture of a little girl made of clay.

Artwork: Harmonious Breakthrough

Designer: Liao Baoyuan

Drawing inspiration from Tang Dynasty female figurine sculptures,

combining them with local specialty, navel oranges,

expressing an understanding of the concept of harmony and pursuing personal breakthroughs.

Hypak™ new sustainable packaging materials are new material I have recently encountered, and it has excellent waterproof properties, which makes it suitable for this outdoor exhibition.

Artwork: Initiate It

Designer: Hou Yanan

Symbols such as propellers, turtles, and chairs

interdependently dissolve, forming an "uninitiated" sculptural installation.

Hypak™ is cut into long strips, unaffected by wind and rain. It seems to be amidst surging hidden currents, causing tremendous changes in the surrounding air.

Artwork: Gaze

Designer: Dai Jialing

Should zoos exist? What if we were to swap the positions of humans and animals? This artwork aims to reflect on the relationship between humans, animals, and nature through sculpture.


Both animal sculptures in the artwork utilize Hypak™ at the bottom. Hypak™ is extremely lightweight and convenient to use, which provides a waterproof and moisture-proof barrier at the bottom without altering the original appearance of the artwork.

Special thanks to the School of Fine Arts, Shanghai Normal University, for their support in the creation of Hypak™ and this design collaboration. We also express our gratitude to the students for their exceptional creativity, and we look forward to future collaborations!

The choice of materials greatly influences the texture of a product. Hypak™, with its waterproof, breathable, strong, and lightweight properties, combines the rigid structure of paper with the softness of fabric. It allows for various options in selecting materials for different product categories and design needs. Additionally, its surface features fine and unique textures that enhance the extraordinary texture of the products.

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