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Merry Christmas – Hypak™ Brings You a Rainbow!


During this joyous Christmas season, we extend warm wishes to all friends of Hypak™: Merry Christmas! The colors of Christmas are always so vibrant and lively, with red stockings, green Christmas trees, and silver-white snowflakes. Each hue carries warmth and joy, and this Christmas, together with artist Zhou Duoren, we present to you a magnificent rainbow. This is Zhou Duoren's artwork, "Half Rainbow, Half Myself."


Entering the art forest, you will undoubtedly be captivated by the vibrant colors of this artwork, especially the vivid and mysterious "sculpture" scattered on the ground. The artist utilized Hypak™, an innovative, "breathable" high-tech material, to create it, allowing this new material to transcend time and space and engage in a dialogue with the ancient and mysterious Sumerian civilization.

In art forest, there are countless whimsical ideas: several paper giant birds stand quietly, and in the wooded clearing, there are empty beds... Join us as we delve into this art forest, exploring the wonders of the collaboration between contemporary art and Hypak™ materials!


flashspun-fabric-47741017.jpgflashspun-fabric-47741016.jpgZhou Duoren's "Half Rainbow, Half Myself" (2023)

Hypak™, metal, acrylic, acrylic paint

Variable dimensions

"Half rainbow, half myself. I hope you are the other half of the rainbow, finding your own rainbow. I hope it's a beautiful rainbow."

— Zhou Duoren

Half Rainbow, Half Myself

Since the artwork is presented in a university, Zhou Duoren wanted it to be vibrant and colorful. Thus, he created colored acrylic glass and colorful "reliefs." The rainbow in the artwork changes direction when the wind blows, swaying in the "uncertainty" as it reflects sunlight.


Zhou Duoren prefers not to give a clear definition to his own works; instead, he hopes to stimulate students' thinking and encourages them to focus more on their inner selves, unlocking their creativity. "Half rainbow, half oneself. I hope you are the other half of the rainbow, finding your own rainbow. May it be a beautiful one."


When engaging with high-tech materials in dialogue with the Sumerian civilization


Beneath the rainbow, Zhou Duoren employs Hypak™ material for his "reliefs." Upon receiving the colorful Kunlun™ fabric, inspiration for his creations arises. He aims to preserve its original colors and, based on this foundation, intertwines Sumerian civilization's totems, reliefs, and sculptures to narrate the development of the Sumerian civilization.


Sumerian civilization, one of the world's earliest, emerged around 4000 BCE, representing a highly developed, complex, and diverse cultural system. Zhou Duoren finds the dialogue between this new material and ancient civilization intriguing. The convergence of new materials and ancient civilizations sparks more innovative thinking, with cultural and philosophical collisions opening our imaginations.

Hypak™: Infusing vibrant colors into your life


"Half Rainbow, Half Myself" is an artwork that relies on the vivid colors provided by Hypak™ material. Hypak™ boasts excellent color rendering in the printing industry, addressing challenges such as weak material color saturation, outdoor advertising aging, and fading. Hypak™ ensures the presentation and long-lasting vibrancy of colors, offering new possibilities for creative design and artistic pieces.


Hypak™ calls for a creative life. Do you have creative ideas? Would you like to join us in creating something special? Recently, we invited creative university students to freely create and design a unique "present" using Hypak™. We will turn participants' conceptual designs into physical objects, transcending imagination and embracing limitless possibilities. The Kingwills Advanced Materials National University Hypak Design Competition awaits your participation!

Click the link for more information:

"Hypak™ Design National University Theme Design Competition –  Present"


About Zhou Duoren:


Born in Wuhan, Hubei, in 1984, Zhou Duoren graduated from the School of Art at Chongqing University in 2009, earning a bachelor's degree. He currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Solo Exhibitions:


Zhou Duoren Solo Project - Huisheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Objects - Zhou Duoren Solo Exhibition - Stairs Art, Shanghai, China


Zhou Duoren/Wang Wei Yu Dual Exhibition - East Wing Art, Shanghai, China


The Moon is on the Boat - Zhou Duoren Solo Exhibition - S·O Art Space, Shanghai, China

Snow in Dreams - Zhou Duoren Works Exhibition - Mingtang Art Fund, Chengdu, China


Large Images in Color - Zhou Duoren New Works Exhibition - S·O Art Space, Shanghai, China


Shadows - Zhou Duoren Works Exhibition - S·O Art Space, Shanghai, China


Zhou Duoren Oil Painting Exhibition - COLORIDA Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

Zhou Duoren Solo Exhibition - MOON-ART Space, Chongqing, China


Enchantment - Zhou Duoren Works Exhibition - 108 Art Space, Chongqing, China


Zhou Duoren Personal Oil Painting Exhibition - Chongqing University, Chongqing, China

Group Exhibitions:


Natural Radiance - Crossing Art, Shanghai, China


Breathing Again - Lingang Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Historical Materials: The 18th "Horizon" Painting and Sculpture Joint Exhibition - China Art Palace, Shanghai, China


Beyond Things - ISGO Gallery, Shanghai, China


Different·Same - New Shanghai Contemporary Seven-Person Exhibition - Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai, China

Images and Forms "Painting Continues" - Zhoupu Art Museum, Shanghai, China

New Painting·Between Image and Form - Baoshan International Folk Art Museum, Shanghai, China


New Power on the Sea - China Art Palace, Shanghai, China


Mi·Hang Art Exhibition - Xintiandi No.1, Shanghai, China

Lingang 2016 "Belt and Road" Cultural and Art Exhibition - Lingang Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Drifting - Sea Art Exhibition - China Art Palace, Shanghai, China


LINK GALLERY Opening Exhibition - LINK GALLERY, Beijing, China

Suddenly Poetic - Hongding Gallery, Beijing, China

Poly "Art Up" International Art Fair - Poly International Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing, China


ART MO - Art Macao - Venetian Golden Light Conference and Exhibition Center, Macau, China

As Expected - China-foreign Artists Joint Exhibition - Fashion&More Italy Living Hall, Shanghai, China

Hi21 New Art Market - 798 Art District, Beijing, China

Micro-Visualism - Art Beijing, Beijing, China


Contemporary Art Exhibition - Shanghai City Art Fair, Shanghai, China

SO YOUNG.SO GONE - Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai, China

2010s Painting and Image Review Group Exhibition - 99 Creative Center, Shanghai University School of Fine Arts, Shanghai, China


Images and Forms - Contemporary Painting Exhibition - East Coast Art Center, Shanghai, China

Youth Fantasia - Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai, China

Selected Contemporary Collection Exhibition - Art Beijing, Shanghai, China


Scattered Scenery - Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition - S.O Art Space, Chengdu, China

After Abstraction Painting - Himalaya Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Shan - 501 Artists Community Exhibition - 501 Art Museum, Chongqing, China

Our Values Community Contemporary Art Exhibition - 501 Art Museum, Chongqing, China

Group Fissures - 13 Individual Exhibitions - MOON-ART Space, Chongqing, China

Warming 18 Degrees - Huangjuping, Chongqing, China


We - Annual Art Exhibition - Huangjuping Art Museum, Chongqing, China

Contemporary New Media Art International Invitational Exhibition - Optics Valley Creative Industry Base, Wuhan, China

Collections: White Rabbit Art Museum, Nippon, Mingtang Fund, art institutions, and private collections in China and abroad.

The Form of Breath: Exhibition Guide



Hypak™ is a specialized fiber material independently developed by Kingwills Advanced Materials, produced through the process of flash vaporization and hot pressing. Its natural color is white, presenting in two distinct structural forms: a hard structure material resembling paper and a soft structure material resembling fabric.

Suitable for various processing techniques, it exhibits strong plasticity and finds extensive applications in the upstream and downstream of high-end non-woven fabrics and specialty paper manufacturing. It can be applied in nearly a hundred different scenarios and industries.


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