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Wow! Hypak™'s Daily Consumer Goods Is Coming!


Recently, we have launched a new gift retail business.

We launched our store "Hypak™ Creative Bazaar" simultaneously on Taobao, Tiktok (mainland China version) and Xiaohongshu.

The first batch of items for sale includes three creative book lights. However, this is just the beginning!

Hypak™ flash spun can be widely used in bags, cultural and creative products, printed products, household products, outdoor products, etc., which provides very much feasibility for product design in the field of creative life.



Various Bags: Easily to Carry


It can be used for making wallets, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, handbags, shopping bags, backpacks, laptop bags, sports bags, and more.


Creation Trends: Cultural and creative products


The greatest advantage of Hypak™ in cultural and creative design is its excellent printing and processing capabilities, as well as its paper-like texture and magical texture. It can handle creative structures, shapes, artistic colors and patterns, and high-quality touch!




It can be used for designing toys, stationery, office supplies, and various cultural and artistic IP peripheral products, such as toys, creative lights, calendars, fans, and more.


High-end printing: Extraordinary & Impressive

Hypak™ eco packaging materials can meet the high requirements of high-end printing for material performance and printing effects – it is tear-resistant, fold-resistant, not easily damaged, and can maintain clear and complete printing content for a long time.


It can be used for collector's edition books, invitations, business cards, and other printed products.


Creative home products: Versatile style for a more interesting life


For products that meet modern people's pursuit of high-quality home life, Hypak™ is lightweight, strong, dirt-resistant, and has both aesthetics and texture. In a word, it can meet all these requirements with ease!



It can be used for creative lighting, sofas, seats, space dividers, storage baskets, shower curtains, and various furniture and household items.


Outdoor Supplies: Enjoy the Company of Nature

Whether it's leisure camping or outdoor sports, compared to most conventional materials, outdoor products made of Hypak™ material are lighter, more durable, and can withstand travel in wind and rain with ease.



It can be used for camping tents, moisture-proof mats, picnic chairs, car sunshades, umbrellas, and more.

Hypak™ light weight waterproof material, look forward to collaborating with you.

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