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Shanghai Released A New Policy On Construction To Build A Green Future

Recently, favorable policies for green buildings in many provinces and cities across the country are being intensively implemented. The development of green buildings is not only the key to our realization of the dual-carbon goals but also an important link in the global sustainable development trend.

To build energy-saving buildings, the requirements for vapour barrier material are very high, and environmental protection and high strength are far from enough. Problems such as water vapor and wind protection are the main reasons that affect the thermal insulation performance of buildings and increase building energy consumption.

For building envelopes, Hypak™ can be said to be a very versatile material.

  • Breathable · Waterproof

The waterproof building wrap itself is not only 100% recyclable, but also waterproof and breathable, which can resist rain erosion on the outside and prevent moisture accumulation on the inside. The "both internal and external repair" allows the building to "breathe smoothly"。

  • Tear Resistant · Flexible

Regardless of its lightness and softness, weather smart building wrap has extremely high strength, is easy to construct in application, is not easy to be damaged and aged, and can also effectively resist wind, so as to maintain a longer-term effect (the same lifespan as the building).

building wrap insulation

Building Wrap

New green policy opens up a green future

Shanghai recently announced Plan for Carbon Peak Implementation in Urban and Rural Construction" Foreshadows the future orientation.

Building Wrap Construction

In order to fully promote the low-carbon transformation of urban and rural construction, in the next few years, Shanghai will strictly control the construction of high-energy-consuming buildings, and gradually fully implement the concept of green and low-carbon design.

Target of Kingwills™ Advanced Materials

By 2025, there will be 8 million square meters of ultra-low energy buildings!

By 2030, new civil buildings will fully implement ultra-low energy building standards!

The energy efficiency of new buildings will be increased by 30% on the basis of the current energy-saving standards, and a group of near-zero energy consumption and Passive Building innovation demonstrations will be created.

By 2030, new civil buildings will fully promote green building materials.

By 2030,50 million square meters of public buildings will be renovated for energy conservation 30 million square meters of residential buildings will be renovated for energy conservation

Building Wrap Material

Hypark™ is a flash-spun specialty fiber independently developed by Kingwills™.

  • Super texture

Flashspun fabric is like paper, cloth, and film, light and soft with texture!

  • Super talented

It is light and strong, waterproof and breathable, durable, easy to process and easy to print, recyclable and many other characteristics, full of skills!

  • Super multifaceted

In addition to Building Envelopes, it can also be widely used in Healthcare Packaging with medical packaging materials, Protective Apparel with medical suit material,  Industrial Innovation, Creative Life and other fields, and it can be found everywhere!

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