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Hypak™ Innovative Design Workshop Opens Soon!

World Design Capital Congress (WDCC)

is a grand event for global design exchange and leading design development

This year's WDCC is scheduled for 9/26-10/2

In addition to the main venue along the Huangpu River

there will also be collaborative activities in various districts throughout the city


 Design Universe Creative Camp '23

NBund International Creative Festival of Creativity


Launched in 2021, "Design Universe" is a diverse platform brand under the Shanghai Institute of Innovation and Creative Design. Its aim is to create, aggregate, and activate an ecosystem of design innovation, catalyzing a full-chain transformation from innovation and creativity to implementation.


As one of the sub-forum activities of the NBund International Festival of Creativity

we will host a fascinating designer salon

focused on innovative material Hypak™

exploring the boundaries of material science and exchanging design ideas


 Hypak™ Creative Design Workshop 
 Theme: Material-based, limitless design 

 Date: September 28th 

 Location: Shanghai Institute of Innovation and Creative Design 

#Event Introduction 

✦ Expanding horizons with innovative materials✦    


Hypak™, developed independently by Kingwills Advanced Materials, is an environmentally-friendly innovative material with special textures that offers a unique tactile experience. Flash spun is lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and easy to process/print, making it a versatile material for designers. Eco friendly packing material can be widely used in art, cultural creativity, food, household products, and many other creative fields.


This event will take the form of a sharing session combined with a workshop. During the event, we will not only introduce past creative products related to Hypak™, but also have guests share their experiences and insights in material design and application. Topics will include the impact of new materials on design and art-related industries, the new design trends and future brought by Hypak™, and more.

# Featured Guest Speakers 

✦ Big names in creative play✦


Han Shaoguang


Contemporary artist

Research and transformation of contemporary painting/installation/cultural symbols


Han Shaoguang has been engaged in contemporary art creation for more than twenty years, constantly oscillating between abstraction and representation, and wandering between the light and dark sides of culture. He is not bound by a specific style. Through painting and installations, he seeks the most authentic voice deep within himself. His art lies in discovering expression in graffiti, absurdity in harmony, strangeness in familiarity, and order in freedom. With abundant ideological space, his works have captivating symbolism. He not only uses images and mediums in his creations, but also presents them in a diverse manner enabled by the freedom of thought. His folk consciousness exists in a self-sufficient state of artistic vitality.


Li Chuhui


Chinese contemporary sculpture artist

Chinese university sculpture art education


Li Chuhui studied under contemporary renowned sculpture artists Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci, as well as contemporary renowned aesthetic theorist Liu Xuguang. He is engaged in teaching, research, and creation of contemporary figurative sculpture art. He has held solo exhibitions, participated in domestic and international group exhibitions, and his works have been collected by multiple museums/art institutions and collectors. They have also been widely used in major art magazines, newspapers, and more.


Wang Yuanbo


Visual designer

Co-founder of Studio DPi


His design practice focuses on providing effective visual solutions for each problem. His works have been selected for Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, Award 360˚, and other domestic and international design awards.


Mao Churong


Lecturer at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts


Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Yale University School of Art; Principal of nonplace studio, a new media art studio.

What other possibilities can creative materials bring to life?

Let's wait together

for a wave of inspiration

and explore more possibilities

for Hypak™ in the creative world

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