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Collaboration between Hypak™ and Donghua University: A Summit Dialogue on Materials and Design

Sustainable Living Design

Collaborative Workshop


November 24th

Mr. Wu Qiang, Vice President of Kingwills Advanced Materials, was invited to the Product Design Department of Donghua University to teach the current status and trends of sustainable innovative materials and explore future development and diversified design.


Mr. Wu Qiang, Vice President of Kingwills Advanced Materials, giving a lecture

Recently, Kingwills Advanced Materials was invited to Donghua University to bring a unique interactive course to the students of the Apparel and Art Design College's Product Design Department. The course began with an introduction to the independently developed Flashspun Hypak™ material by Mr. Wu Qiang, the Vice President. At the same time, the latest global sustainable development trends and policy analysis were shared.


After understanding the current policies and materials, the students focused on Hypak™ and continuously stimulated their creativity from a new perspective. They discussed in groups, explored potential, and explored future possibilities.


What if?

Sustainable Design, Brainstorming On-Site

Group Divergent Thinking Proposals


Teacher Wang Yilin giving explanations

In this course, students divided into multiple groups to discuss the topics of Hypak™ and sustainability. Each group on-site adopted 'What if' as their thinking direction, simulating scenarios, questioning the impact and trends of product changes on individuals or society, and providing solutions through creative and technical means. Continuous sparks of inspiration ignited on-site, giving birth to a series of imaginative, engaging, and constructive proposals.



Simulated proposals for new product launches

Focus on a specific scenario


Hypak™ always brings new perspectives and creativity to artists, serving as a source of inspiration for the 'designers of the future.' Students, in the form of a 'simulated company,' conducted roadshows for new product launches, focusing product development on specific scenarios and highlighting the potential of the material. Discussions and creations are silent dialogues with the material; students constantly drew inspiration from the versatility of Hypak™. During the proposal process, the three teachers on-site continuously raised questions, provided suggestions, stimulated practical thinking, guided from the innovative spirit of design to practical value, and continuously proposed optimal solutions.




Teacher Jiang Chenhan guiding student proposals


On-site discussion to amplify the advantages of materials for collaborative creation

The contradictory characteristics of Hypak™—waterproof and breathable, lightweight and tear-resistant, compatible with various printing methods—make it easy for designers to interact with the product in multiple dimensions during the creative and construction process. In this collaborative creation course, the eye-catching designs of the students originated from these characteristics. They delved into the material's features, transforming them into design languages, proposing the use of durable and lightweight Hypak™ for portable furniture or various information transmission scenarios, fully leveraging the physical properties of the material and its environmentally friendly, skin-friendly characteristics. At the same time, Hypak™ also provides students with greater design space, inspiring them to shape products with thoughtfulness, inspiration, and vitality.


Magnifying characteristics, expanding applications, future design


Represented by Hypak™, how much potential does sustainable material have? In the context of the global focus on environmental trends, how will designers introduce products designed with sustainable materials into daily life from the perspectives of craftsmanship, culture, aesthetics, and lifestyle, making them 'meaningful' and developing them into a business ecological model? This has been a topic continuously focused on and deeply researched on-site. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with the design community, sparking inspiration!



On-site group photo

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