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Waterproof material Vs Water-Resistant material for Building and Medical

At Hypak™, we're at the forefront of revolutionizing waterproof materials. Our innovative approach combines air-permeable properties with waterproofing capabilities, delivering unmatched performance in diverse applications. From breathable outerwear to moisture-resistant packaging, our Hypak™ solutions offer versatility and reliability. Trust Hypak™ light weight waterproof material for cutting-edge technology that enhances comfort, protection, and performance in every application.

Water-Resistant material for Building

Embrace sustainability without compromising performance with Hypak™ lightweight and eco-friendly waterproof materials and breathable house wrap. Engineered with environmentally conscious practices, our materials provide superior waterproofing while reducing environmental impact. From outdoor gear to packaging solutions, Hypak™ delivers lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly options that meet the demands of modern consumers and businesses alike. Choose Hypak™ for sustainable waterproofing solutions that prioritize both performance and the planet.

Types of Flashspun Hypak™ Building Materials

Flashspun Hypak™ building wrap material

Flashspun Hypak™ wall insulation vapor barrier

Flashspun Hypak™ roof vapour membrane

Flashspun Hypak™ waterproof building wrap

Waterproof material for Building Curtain Wall

EPDM: EPDM is a synthetic rubber that is highly flexible and durable. It is often used in the construction of building curtain walls to provide a waterproof and weatherproof barrier. 

ETFE: ETFE is a fluoropolymer that is extremely transparent and water-resistant. It is also lightweight and durable, making it a popular choice for curtain walls in high-rise buildings. 

Pyrex: Pyrex is a borosilicate glass that is known for its heat and chemical resistance. It is often used in the construction of curtain walls in buildings that are exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

Waterproof material for Cold Storage Floor

Polyethylene: Polyethylene is a thermoplastic that is highly resistant to water and chemicals. It is often used in the construction of cold storage floors to provide a smooth, sealed surface that is easy to clean. 

PVC: PVC is another thermoplastic that is commonly used in the construction of cold storage floors. It is durable, flexible, and relatively inexpensive. 

Epoxy: Epoxy is a resin that is used to create a durable and waterproof coating for concrete floors. It is often used in the construction of cold storage floors to protect the concrete from moisture damage. 

Waterproof material for Metal & Tile Roof

Rubberized asphalt: Rubberized asphalt is a type of roofing membrane that is made from asphalt and rubber. It is highly flexible and resistant to water and ultraviolet rays. 

Modified bitumen: Modified bitumen is a type of roofing membrane that is made from bitumen and a polymer additive. It is more durable than rubberized asphalt and can withstand a wider range of temperatures. 

Elastomeric sealants: Elastomeric sealants are used to seal joints and seams in metal and tile roofs. They are flexible, waterproof, and resistant to UV rays. 

Waterproof material for Passive Building

Waterproofing membranes: Waterproofing membranes are used to create a barrier between the building and the ground. They are essential for preventing moisture from entering the building and causing damage. 

Rainscreen systems: Rainscreen systems are used to create a ventilated space between the building exterior and the interior walls. This helps to prevent moisture from penetrating the walls and allows any water that does penetrate to dry out quickly. 

Infiltration barriers: Infiltration barriers are used to prevent air from leaking through cracks and gaps in the building envelope. This helps to reduce heat loss and improve the building's energy efficiency. 

Water-Resistant material for medical

Discover the ultimate solution for waterproof packaging with Hypak™. Our extensive range of waterproof materials and coverall material fabric ensures your products remain protected from moisture, ensuring their integrity throughout storage and transportation. Whether for food, electronics, or industrial goods, Hypak™ provides reliable waterproof packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust Hypak™ to safeguard your products with premium-quality waterproof materials designed for maximum protection and peace of mind.

Polyurethane (PU): A synthetic elastomer that is lightweight, flexible, and highly water-resistant. It is often used for medical gowns, lab coats, and industrial aprons. 

Neoprene: A synthetic rubber that is known for its exceptional water resistance, breathability, and abrasion resistance. It is commonly used for wetsuits and diving suits, as well as medical gloves, boot covers, and aprons. 

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride): A versatile plastic that is relatively inexpensive and easy to clean. It is often used for disposable gowns, aprons, and boot covers in medical and industrial settings. 

Tyvek: A high-performance nonwoven fabric made from high-density polyethylene. It is extremely water-resistant, breathable, and tear-resistant, making it ideal for protective clothing in harsh environments. 

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane): A synthetic elastomer with exceptional flexibility and durability. It is often used for medical gloves, boot covers, and aprons that require a high level of dexterity and protection. 

PU-coated canvas: A fabric made from cotton or synthetic fibers that has been coated with a polyurethane layer. This coating makes the fabric water-resistant, stain-resistant, and tear-resistant. It is often used for medical scrubs, lab coats, and industrial uniforms.

Waterproof breathable laminate: A fabric that is made from two layers of fabric with a waterproof breathable membrane sandwiched between them. This type of fabric is ideal for medical and industrial PPE that needs to be both water-resistant and breathable. 

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